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An Introduction to Penology: Punishment, Prisons and Probation

An Introduction to Penology: Punishment, Prisons and Probation

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December 2022 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

An Introduction to Penology is a concise, informative, scholarly guide that will speak to a variety of audiences interested in how the notion of punishment plays out in community and custodial settings with people who have broken the law. With a particular focus on prisons and probation, the book provides an opportunity for readers to critically engage with the concept of punishment (in theory and practice) and consider different ways in which we, as a society, can respond to lawbreaking.

  • The text will allow students to pursue a more in-depth study of two of the main criminal justice institutions through the lens of their organisational structures, cultures, service delivery and responses to the needs of minority and vulnerable groups. 
  • Throughout the text, students will be encouraged to critically engage with longstanding penological debates taking into consideration the theory, policy and practice of punishment, and will explore ways in which we can rethink penology on an individual and social level and begin to make a case for social justice rather than criminal justice.

This innovative and contemporary text is a must read for students studying criminology, criminal justice, penology and those interested in pursuing a career in either the prison or probation services.

Lol Burke is Professor in Criminal Justice and Dr Helena Gosling is a Senior Lecturer in Criminal Justice at Liverpool John Moores University.

Understanding Contemporary Penology: Perspectives
Understanding Contemporary Penology: Models and Approaches
Theorising Prisons and Imprisonment
Theorising Probation and Rehabilitation
Organisation and Structure of Prisons
Organisation and Structure of Probation
Prison Cultures
Probation Cultures
Working with People in Prison
Working with People in the Community
Understanding Vulnerability in Prison Settings
Understanding Vulnerability in Community Settings

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