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Mark Rosenbaum University of South Carolina, USA, Saint Xavier University, Chicago, IL, USA

Dr. Mark S. Rosenbaum is Dean of the Graham School of Management at Saint Xavier University in Chicago. Prior to that, he was a Department Chair at the University of South Carolina, Professor at Northern Illinois University, and Assistant Professor at the University of Hawaii.

Dr. Rosenbaum serves as the Co-Editor of the Journal of Services Marketing. He is also an Associate Editor at the
Journal of Business Research and Service Industries Journal. He serves on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Service Research, Journal of Service Theory & Practice, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, and Journal of Education for Business.

Dr. Rosenbaum is a three-time Fulbright recipient which brought him to Cambodia, Nepal, and Uzbekistan.

Rosenbaum’s research focuses transformative service research. Rosenbaum, along with colleagues, represented the ‘pioneers’ who developed this paradigm:

Laurel Anderson, Amy L. Ostrom, Canan Corus, RaymondP. Fisk, Andrew S. Gallan, Mario Giraldo, Martin Mende, Mark Mulder, Steven W. Rayburn, Mark S. Rosenbaum, Kunio Shirahada, and Jerome D. Williams (2013), “Transformative Service Research: An Agenda for the Future,”
Journal of Business Research, 66(8),1203-1210. This manuscript was a recipient Emerald Citations of Excellence, 2016

His recent article, along with colleagues, was again a recipient of Emerald’s Best Paper Finalist Award for 2018. See Fisk, Raymond., Alison M. Dean, Linda Alkire (Nasr), Alison Joubert, Josephine Previte, Mark S. Rosenbaum (2018), “Design for Service Inclusion: Creating Inclusive Service Systems by 2050,”
Journal of Service Management, 29(5), 834-858.

Other Emerald publications that highlight Rosenbaum’s commitment to improving consumer welfare include:

Russell-Bennett, R., Raymond P. Fisk, Mark S. Rosenbaum, and Nadia Zainuddin (2019), “Commentary: Transformative Service Research and Social Marketing – Converging Pathways to Social Change,”
Journal of Services Marketing, available at Emerald Insight DOI 10.1108/JSM-10-2018-0304/full/html. Available at:

Dr. Rosenbaum is also committed to improving the lives of cancer patients via medical and non-medical services. For example, a recent article focuses on improvise cancer care for male patients:

Rosenbaum, Mark S. and German Contreras Ramirez (2019), “The Role of Cancer Resource Center Services on Men’s Health,”
Journal of Services Marketing, available at Emerald Insight DOI10.1108/JSM-06-2018-0185.