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Kuther, Tara

Tara L. Kuther Western Connecticut State University, USA


Tara L. Kuther is professor of developmental psychology at Western Connecticut State University, where she has taught courses in child, adolescent, and adult development for nearly three decades. Dr. Kuther earned her MA and PhD in developmental psychology from Fordham University. She is a Fellow of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (American Psychological Association, Division 2), has served in various capacities in the Society for the Teaching of Psychology and the Society for Research on Adolescence, and is the former chair of the Teaching Committee for the Society for Research in Child Development. Dr Kuther is author of the award-winning Lifespan Development: Lives in Context as well as Lifespan Development in Context: A Topical Approach, Child and Adolescent Development in Context, and Adolescence in Context. Dr. Kuther is coauthor of Careers in Psychology: Opportunities in a Changing World (with Robert Morgan). Her research interests include social cognition and risky activity in adolescence and adulthood.