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Becoming a Multicultural Educator

Becoming a Multicultural Educator
Developing Awareness, Gaining Skills, and Taking Action

Fourth Edition

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Teaching Diverse Students

July 2023 | 560 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Becoming a Multicultural Educator: Developing Awareness, Gaining Skills, and Taking Action focuses on the development and application of research-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment strategies for multicultural education in PK–12 classrooms. This text answers the growing need to prepare teachers to work with diverse populations of students in a way that is not just theoretical, but readily applicable.

Award-winning authors William A. Howe and Penelope L. Lisi balance theory and research via numerous exercises, reflective experiences, and lesson plans designed to heighten readers’ cultural awareness, knowledge base, and skill set. The fully updated Fourth Edition is packed with new activities and exercises to illustrate concepts along with new topics, case studies, and interviews. Additional sections tackle current topics in multicultural education, including the disparate effects of COVID, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the benefits of classroom diversity.

With the support of this practical and highly readable book, readers will be prepared to teach in culturally responsive ways, develop a critical understanding of culture and its powerful influence on teaching and learning, and feel empowered to confront and address timely issues.

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SECTION I: Background
1. Multicultural Education: History, Theory, and Evolution
2. Becoming a Multicultural Educator: A Four-Step Model
SECTION II: Knowledge
3. Historical Perspectives on a Multicultural America
4. Foundational Knowledge for Culturally Responsive Teaching
SECTION III. Awareness
5. Understanding Cultural Identities and Their Influence on Teaching and Learning
6. Learning to Understand and Respect Differences
7. Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning
8. Instructional Approaches Needed by Multicultural Educators
9. Developing Skills in Teaching Language and Understanding
10. Assessment That Is Culturally Responsive
11. Creating the Multicultural Classroom
12. Creating the Multicultural School


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“This is the best book I have found that addresses the major areas (history and pedagogy) that includes learning exercises, student resources, and best of all--Instructor resources--such as a test bank, powerpoints, lectures!!”

Dr. Yolanda Arauza
Minnesota State University Moorhead

“The book gives practical advice, examples, case studies, rubrics, and ideas for implementation in regard to improving multi-cultural education instruction in schools.”

Jessica Burchett
Ohio Dominican University

“The book hits three fundamental functions essential to critical-consciousness course instructors: inform, engage, apply.”

Benjamin Arnberg
Auburn University

“Relevant and timely”

Marilyn Cuch
Utah State University

"The content is thorough"

Miranda Lin
Illinois State University

I like the flow and the resource available with the book

Mrs Kristine Stroth
School Of Education, Suny College At Fredonia
April 6, 2024

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