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Becoming an Evocative Coach

Becoming an Evocative Coach
A Practice Guide for the Study of Evocative Coaching and Evoking Greatness

November 2020 | 136 pages | Corwin
Foreword by Megan Tschannen-Moran
Chapter One: Practice for Chapter One
Activity 1.1 Interview

Activity 1.2 Adult Learning Reflection

Activity 1.3 Adult Learning Characteristics

Activity 1.4 Coaching Demonstration

Activity 1.5 Coaching Demonstration for LEAD

Activity 1.6 Coaching Platform

Chapter Two: Practice for Coaching Presence
Activity 2.1 Coach as Whisperer

Activity 2.2 Exploring Trust

Activity 2.3 Brainstorming

Activity 2.4 Creative Energy Check In

Activity 2.5 Reflection without Judgment

Activity 2.6 Importance of Trust

Activity 2.7 Coaching Energies

Activity 2.8 Coaching Practice

Activity 2.9 Coaching Presence

Chapter Three: Practice for Listen for Stories
Activity 3.1 Mindful Listening

Activity 3.2 Story Listening

Activity 3.3 Quiet Listening

Activity 3.4 Reflective Listening

Activity 3.5 Imaginative Listening

Chapter Four: Practice for Empathize for Connection
Activity 4.1 Observations without Evaluation

Activity 4.2 Distinguishing Feelings from Thoughts

Activity 4.3 Distinguishing between Needs and Strategies

Activity 4.4 Feelings and Needs

Activity 4.5 Empathy Statements

Activity 4.6 Restating Causal Attributions

Activity 4.7 Compassionate Listening Interview

Interlude: The Learning Brief
Activity - Learning Brief Template

Chapter Five: Practice for Appreciate Strengths
Activity 5.1 Appreciative Inquiry

Activity 5.2 Appreciative Inquiry Principles

Activity 5.3 SOAR

Chapter Six: Practice for Design for Action
Activity 6.1 Hypothesis

Activity 6.2 Relevance

Activity 6.3 Strategies

Activity 6:4 Data Collection

Activity 6.5 Confidence Level

Activity 6.6 A Complete Coaching Conversation

Chapter Seven: Practice for the Dynamic Flow of Change
Activity 7.1 Flow

Activity 7.2 Environmental Factors

Activity 7.3 Immunity to Change

Activity 7.4 Coaching Traps

Chapter Eight: Practice for the Reflective Coach
Activity 8.1 Reflecting on Action

Activity 8.2 Feedback

Activity 8.3 VIA Strengths Survey

Activity 8.4 Cultivating Strengths

Activity 8.5 Your New Coaching Platform


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