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Confidence Intervals

Confidence Intervals

January 2003 | 104 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Using lots of easy to understand examples from different disciplines, the author introduces the basis of the confidence interval framework and provides the criteria for `best' confidence intervals, along with the trade-offs between confidence and precision.

The book covers such pertinent topics as: the transformation principle whereby a confidence interval for a parameter may be used to construct an interval for any monotonic transformation of that parameter; confidence intervals on distributions whose shape changes with the value of the parameter being estimated; and, the relationship between confidence interval and significance testing frameworks, particularly regarding power.

Ch 1 Introduction and Overview
Ch 2 Confidence Statements and Interval Estimates
Why Confidence Intervals?

Ch 3 Central Confidence Intervals
Central and Standardizable versus Noncentral Distributions

Confidence Intervals Using the Central t and Normal Distributions

Confidence Intervals Using the Central Chi-Square and F Distributions

Transformation Principle

Ch 4 Noncentral Confidence Intervals for Standardized Effect Sizes
Noncentral Distributions

Computing Noncentral Confidence Intervals

Ch 5 Applications in Anova and Regression
Fixed-Effects ANOVA

Random-Effects ANOVA

A Priori and Post-Hoc Contrasts

Regression: Multiple, Partial, and Semi-Partial Correlations

Effect-Size Statistics for MANOVA and Setwise Regression

Confidence Interval for a Regression Coefficient

Goodness of Fit Indices in Structural Equations Models

Ch 6 Applications in Categorical Data Analysis
Odds Ratio, Difference between Proportions and Relative Risk

Chi-Square Confidence Intervals for One Variable

Two-Way Contingency Tables

Effects in Log-Linear and Logistic Regression Models

Ch 7 Significance Tests and Power Analysis
Significance Tests and Model Comparison

Power and Precision

Designing Studies Using Power Analysis and Confidence Intervals

Confidence Intervals for Power

Concluding Remarks
About the Author

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