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Changing Cultures

Changing Cultures
Feminism, Youth and Consumerism

April 1992 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Changing Cultures brings together a selection of challenging essays which have their roots in the fertile convergence of feminism, sociology and cultural studies.

Themes include the assessment of feminist theory, its transformations and its ability to illuminate issues and practices. The complex relationship between objects of study, their political implications and their historical context is a recurring theme. The book includes analyses of the utopianism of feminist thought on the family; sexuality and sexual difference in youth service provision; and the symbolic resonance of the urban and the domestic in the education of girls. It goes on to investigate child sexual abuse in relation to problems of interpretation and the politics of media representation. The final section examines different theorizations of consumerism and advertising and their implications for our understanding of youth and consumerism.

Intellectual Work in Context and Process

From Utopian to Scientific Feminism? Critical Analyses of the Family
A Girls' Project and Some Responses to Lesbianism Youth Service Provision, Social Order and the Question of Girls
The Urban, the Domestic and Education for Girls
Drawing the Line
A Feminist Response to Adult-Child Sexual Relations

Outrage and Anxiety in the Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse
Cleveland and the Press

Consumerism and its Contradictions
with Orson Nava
Discriminating or Duped? Young People as Consumers of Advertising/Art
Consumerism Reconsidered
Buying and Power


`Historically contextualises the debates that have informed the theoretical frameworks by which consumerism has come to be understood. It plots a course from the passive consumer to the resistant consumer, noting the ossification of different positions into orthodoxies. It suggests that consumption is not such an easy matter to understand, always dependent upon practice and context. The thesis is supported by the use of original empirical research into young people and advertising which cleverly separates the practice of consuming and producing the meaning of adverts from consuming the product being advertised. This analysis draws the reader into the many paradoxes of consumption. This is a fine example of how the book as a whole is an argument against generalist theoretical sweeps which do not take the nuances, contexts and contradictory behaviour of consumers into account' - Beverley Skeggs, Lancaster University

`This is a lively and stimulating collection, a series of essays which spans the recent history of feminism and cultural studies and which draws together the pleasures and the pain of these encounters with clarity and theoretical fluency' - Angela McRobbie, Loughborough Univeristy

`The book represents a cultural history of the 1970s and 1980s...Its discourse helps us to reach a clearer intellectual understanding of the ways in which both individuals and society adjust to and settle within the shifting parameters of personal life. These shifts are followed through into their impact upon the political sphere...This is a collection of previously published articles which were well worth gathering together, and which I'm pleased to have on my bookshelf' - Chartist - For Democratic Socialism

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