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Community Projects as Social Activism

Community Projects as Social Activism
From Direct Action to Direct Services

  • Benjamin Shepard - New York City College of Technology, California State University, Long Beach, USA

September 2014 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Community Projects as Social Activism: From Direct Action to Direct Services by Benjamin Shepard is an engaging and accessible work that will get today's students excited about the very real prospect of achieving lasting, positive change within their communities. It outlines a distinct approach to community practice born out of the intersection among social movements, day-to-day organizing, and the lessons of five decades of community change practices. This invaluable resource is a must-have for anyone involved in community organization, community health, and community activism practice research and policy.

Foreword, by Steve Burghardt
About the Author
Part I: Theory, Contexts and Understandings
Chapter 1: On Community Practice
A Framework for Action  
Community Practice: Theory and the “Real” World  
Chapter 2: Activism in a Changing World—Looking Back to Move Forward
The Assault on the Poor  
Organizing for Social Justice  
Getting Started--Playfully  
Chapter 3: Learning from Community Projects
Approaches to Community Engagement  
Community Projects and Service Learning  
Part One – In Conclusion  
Part II: Practice and Power
Chapter 4: Introduction to Part II on Social Action and Power
Case Study: “Set Jean Free!”  
The Changing Face of Social Movements & Social Work  
Taking Power and Addressing Needs  
Chapter 5: Identifying Issues
The “Winnable Win”  
Case Study: Jim Eigo and the ACT UP Treatment and Data Committee  
Chapter 6: Research as Action
Participant Action Research  
Community Analysis Framework  
Social Settlements and Community Projects  
Case Study: David Crane and the “We Can’t Breathe” Campaign  
The Advocate as Researcher  
Chapter 7: Mobilization and Spreading the Message
Text Messaging, Media Activism, and Social Justice  
Organizing and Narrative  
Case Study: Jay Blotcher and the Stop the Church Protest  
Media Activism  
On Media and Language  
Video Activism  
Occupy Wall Street and the Media  
Chapter 8: Direct Action and "Getting the Goods"
A Short History of Civil Disobedience  
Some Practical and Ethical Guidelines for Direct Action  
Direct Action: Theory and Practice  
Case Study: Eustacia Smith—Social Ministry to Direct Action  
Action, Reaction, and Narratives of Disobedience  
Direct Action and Storytelling  
Chapter 9: Legal Strategies
Know Your Rights  
Case Study: Greg Berman and the Red Hook Community Justice Center  
An Afterword  
Chapter 10: From Joy to Justice: Mixing Fun and Community Building
Defiant Laughter and the Power of Play  
Case Study: Mark Andersen and the Transformative Power of Punk  
Cultural Animation  
Play as a Low Threshold Entry into Politics  
Part Two—In Conclusion  
Part III: Praxis: From Direct Action to Direct Services
Chapter 11: Social Movement to Social Services: From the Black Panthers to the Young Lords
Black Panther Community Survival Programs  
Do-It-Yourself Direct Action with the Young Lords  
Common Causes  
Chapter 12: From Critique to Coexistence with Capital: The Woodlawn Organization and the Dilemmas of Community Development
Improve, Don’t Move  
Chapter 13: ACT UP to the World: Direct Action to Direct Services
Social Services and Global Social Movements in AIDS Activism  
Chapter 14: Affinity Group to Movement Organization: Housing Works
Housing and the AIDS Pandemic  
Chapter 15: Harm Reduction and Human Services: Experiments in Syringe Exchange
From the War on Drugs to Harm Reduction  
Experiments in Syringe Exchange  
Chapter 16: The Perils of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex
The “Iron Cage”  
A Virus in the System  
Beyond Psychic Prisons  
Chapter 17: DIY Politics and World-Making: Mutual Aid, Anarchism, and Alternative Solutions
Do It Yourself to Create Counterpower  
Anarchism, Mutual Aid, and Communities of Support  
A Politics of Freedom  
A Short History of Anarchism  
Anarchist Social Services  
Chapter 18: Multi-Issue Organizing From the Women’s Movement to Struggles for Global Justice
Women, Social Work, and Social Movements  
Ella Baker and the Civil Rights Movement  
Gay Liberation and LGBT Organizing  
The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power  
Prefigurative Politics within the Global Justice Movement  
Creating a New Multi-Issue Politics  
Chapter 19: Community Building against Inequality: Zapatistas, Occupations and Transnational Advocacy
The Occupy Movement  
Common Preservation  
The OWS Sustainability Committee  
Rejecting Scarcity in Favor of Economic Democracy  
Zapatismo from Oaxaca to the Bronx  
Postscript: Concluding Notes on Friendships, Social Networks and Social Change

Was visually not stimulating for students and somewhat "boring".

Professor Drey Campbell
Social Work Dept, Northwest Nazarene University
September 9, 2015

An interesting book offering a wealth of strategies, based on case studies in the US, transferrable across a borders and disciplines

Lesley Godfrey
Playwork Group, Leeds Beckett University
June 19, 2015

excellent for community social work practice

Professor Catina Caban Owen
Social Work, Eastern Connecticut State Univ
May 17, 2015

the book did not meet the objectives of my course

Professor Alice Del Vecchio
Interdisciplinary Programs, Slippery Rock University
February 18, 2015

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