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Digital Frontiers

Digital Frontiers

First Edition

December 2012 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
From Tunisia to China, activists and journalists are using technology to get vital news out and bring about change. As the battle to control information continues - from government surveillance and online blocking to big business to hacktivists and protesters - Index looks at the key players in the fight for digital freedom. With Rebecca MacKinnon & Ethan Zuckerman: Tools for the future Jennifer Granick: Damage control Gabriella Coleman: Beacons of freedom Eric King: Trade secrets Ahmed Mansoor: free expression in Dubai Milton Mueller: Revolution in crisis Heather Bond: Ushahidi and crowd wisdom Pranesh Prakash: India's internet jam Hu Yong: microblogging in China Alex McGillivray on Twitter Frontline SMS: Anchor to the world. PLUS Fault lines: religion, culture and censorship with Edna Fernandes, Svetlana Mintcheva and Brad Adams AND Fiction from Roma Tearne and Jamal Ali's modern fable.
Natasha Schmidt
Digital Frontiers
Rebecca Mackinnon and Ethan Zuckerman
Don't Feed the Trolls
Jennifer Grannick
Damage Control
Heather Ford
Crowd Wisdom
Erica Hagen
On the Ground
Milton Mueller
Revolution in Crisis
Ahmed Mansoor
Obstacles to Liberty
Rohan Jayasekera
Fragile Terrain
Moez Chakchouk
On the Ground
Gabriella Coleman
Beacons of Freedom
Pranesh Prakash
India's Internet Jam
Eric King
Trade Secrets
Paul Bernal
Turning the Tables
Alexander Macgillivray
The Business of Free Speech
Martin Rowson
Joe McNamee
Blind Faith
Nan Levinson
From the Archive
Danica Radovanovic
Going Mobile
Sean McDonald
Anchor to the World
Nguyen Van Dai
On the Ground
Till Sommer
Rights and Risks
What Free Speech Means...
Index Index
A Chronicle of Free Speech Violations Fault Lines: Religion, Culture and Censorship 138
Edna Fernandez
The Battle for Debate
Afef Abrougui
Tunisia's Red Lines
Maryam Omidi
Crime Scenes
Brad Adams
Reign of Fear
Maxim Efimov
On the Ground
Svetlana Mintcheva
Scare Tactics
Marta Malina Moraczewska
From the Archive
Paths of Dissent
Roma Teanre
Jamal Ali
The Pharaohs
40th Anniversary Poems

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