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Introduction to Intelligence

Introduction to Intelligence
Institutions, Operations, and Analysis

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April 2021 | 440 pages | CQ Press
Introduction to Intelligence: Institutions, Operations, and Analysis offers a strategic, international, and comparative approach to covering intelligence organizations and domestic security issues. Written by multiple authors, each chapter draws on the author's professional and scholarly expertise in the subject matter. As a core text for an introductory survey course in intelligence, this text provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to intelligence, including institutions and processes, collection, communications, and common analytic methods.

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Intelligence History
Chapter 3. Intelligence and Security Institutions: Organizations and Processes
Chapter 4. Comparative Intelligence Systems
Chapter 5. Intelligence Operations
Chapter 6. Counterintelligence
Chapter 7. Covert Operations
Chapter 8. Cyberspace Operations and the Information Environment
Chapter 9: Intelligence Regulation and Governance
Chapter 10. Inter-Agency Communications
Chapter 11. Intelligence Analysis
Chapter 12. Analytic Methods
Chapter 13. The Ethics of Intelligence
Chapter 14. Threats to the United States and its Interests

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