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Four Volume Set
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July 2006 | 1 664 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Measurement is the cornerstone of science. Insofar as social science aims to be scientific it, too, must take measurement seriously. Yet measurement has not yet established for itself a central role in the teaching of social science.

With the literature on social measurement scattered across disciplinary boundaries, this collection provides a unique resource for researchers and libraries. It brings together over 60 key articles from the fields of sociology, economics, psychology, psychometrics, political science and management science, as well as cross-disciplinary fields such as epidemiology and education.

This four-volume set will therefore provide both an introduction to this method and will be of interest to measurement experts in many fields who will profit from seeing their own areas of research set within a wider context.

Volume One - Early Work
F Galton
Measurement of Character
J M Cattell
Mental Tests and Measurement
C Spearman
General Intelligence Objectively Determined and Measured
L L Thurstone
The Measurement of Opinion
H H Jasper
The Measurement of Depression-Elation and Its Relation to a Measure of Extraversion-Introversion
L Guttman
A Basis for Scaling Qualitative Data
S S Stevens
On the Theory of Scales of Measurement
C H Coombs
Psychological Scaling without a Unit of Measurement
P F Lazarsfeld and A H Barton
Qualitative Measurement in the Social Sciences
Classification, Typologies and Indices

L J Cronbach
Co-Efficient Alpha and the Internal Structure of Tests
C H Coombs
Theory and Methods of Social Measurement
S J Prais
Measuring Social Mobility
L J Cronbach and P E Meehl
Construct Validity in Psychological Tests
D J Bartholomew
Note on the Measurement and Prediction of Labour Turnover
G Rasch
On General Laws and the Meaning of Measurement in Psychology
Volume Two - The Concept of Measurement
S S Stevens
Issues in Psychological Measurement
H M Blalock
Introduction to Measurement in the Social Sciences
G Rasch
On Specific Objectivity
An Attempt at Formalizing the Request for Generality and Validity of Scientific Statements

B F Green
In Defense of Measurement
D J Weiss and M L Davison
Test Theory and Methods
K F Schuessler and G A Fisher
Quality of Life Research and Sociology
A Anastasi
Some Emerging Trends in Psychological Measurement
A Fifty-Year Perspective

J Michell
Measurement Scales and Statistics
A Clash of Paradigms

L Narens and R I Luce
The Theory of Numerical Assignments

K Bollen and R Lennox
Conventional Wisdom on Measurement
K Dean et al
Measurement Issues in Research on Social Support and Health
H Goldstein
Recontextualizing Mental Measurement
D J Hand
Statistics and the Theory of Measurement
D J Bartholomew
Problems and Strategy

A F Heath and J Martin
Why Are There So Few Formal Measuring Instruments in Social and Political Research?
D J Bartholomew
Scaling Unobservable Constructs in Social Science
Volume Three - Methods and Applications
J Kruskal
Multi-Dimensional Scaling by Optimizing Goodness of Fit to a Non-Metric Hypothesis
P A P Moran
The Establishment of a Psychiatric Syndrome
M Hamilton
Development of a Rating Scale for Primary Depressive Illness
R Beals, D H Krantz and A Tversky
Foundations of Multi-Dimensional Scaling
D R Heise and G W Bohrnstedt
Validity, Invalidity and Reliability
D V Lindley
A Numerical Measure for Uncertainty
R R Rentz and W L Bashan
The National Reference Scale for Reading
An Application of the Rasch Model

B D Wright
Solving Measurement Problems with the Rasch Model
D Andrich
Relationships between the Thurstone and Rasch Approaches to Item Scaling
J A Slinde and R L Linn
The Rasch Model, Objective Measurement, Equating and Robustness
J Gaito
Measurement Scales and Statistics
Resurgence of an Old Misconception

P Bech
Rating Scales for Affective Disorders
Their Validity and Consistency

P G Moore
The Concept of Utility
D Alwin and J A Kresnick
The Measurement of Values in Surveys
A Comparison of Ratings and Rankings

M Knott, M T Albanese and J Galbraith
Scoring Attitudes to Abortion
S M Skevington
A Standarized Scale to Measure Beliefs about Controlling Pain
R G Niemi, S C Craig and F Mettei
Measuring Internal Political Efficacy in the 1988 National Election Study
S Kreiner
Validation of Index Scales for Analysis of Survey Data
The Symptom Index

M X Delli Carpini and S Keeler
Measuring Political Knowledge
Putting Things First

G A Evans, A F Heath and M Lalljee
Measuring Left-Right and Libertarian-Authoritarian Values in British Elections
P M Fayers and D J Hand
Causal Variables, Indicator Variables and Measurement Scales
An Example from Quality of Life

G King et al
Enhancing the Validity and Cross-Cultural Comparability of Measurement in Survey Research
Volume Four - Measurement at the population level
M G Kendall,
The early history of index numbers.
A B Atkinson
On the measurement of inequality
P Dasgupta,A Sen And D Starrett
Notes on the measurement of inequality
D G Champernowne
A comparison of measures of inequality of income distribution
A F Shorrocks
The measurement of mobility
F A Cowell and K Kuga
Inequality measurement
P Smith and D Mayston
Measuring efficiency in the public sector
P Smith
The use of performance indicators in the public sector
D R Cox et al
Quality of life assessment
V Dardon
Measuring social mobility
F Kainiford
Evolution of clinimetric scales
B M Balk
Axiomatic price index theory
D J Bartholomew
The measurement of unemployment in the U. K.
D J Bartholomew
Mobility measurement re-visited

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