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Research for Designers

Research for Designers
A Guide to Methods and Practice

Second Edition

December 2021 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Design is everywhere. It influences how we live, what we wear, how we communicate, what we buy, and how we behave.

To design for the real world and define strategies rather than just implement them, you need to learn how to understand and solve complex, intricate and often unexpected problems. Research for Designers is the guide to this new, evidence-based creative process for anyone doing research in Design Studies or looking to develop their design research skills.

The book:

  • Takes an organized approach to walking you through the basics of research.
  • Highlights the importance of data.
  • Encourages you to think in a cross-disciplinary way.

Including interviews with 10 design experts from across the globe, this guide helps you put theory into practice and conduct successful design research.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Human-Centred Design
Chapter 3: Design as Practice, Research and Thinking
Chapter 4: Research Essentials
Chapter 5: Ethnographic Research
Chapter 6: Qualitative Research
Chapter 7: Quantitative Research
Chapter 8: Visual Research
Chapter 9: Applied Research
Chapter 10: Presenting your Research
Chapter 11: Conclusion

Gjoko Muratovski makes an excellent case for how design research can help move design practice and education to the next level. Society has a growing need for comprehensive design thinking and his book, Research for Designers, makes the subject easy to understand for novices and also serves as an excellent reference and inspiration for experts.

Søren Petersen
Editor: The Creative Economy, The Huffington Post

Meets the needs of design research class

Dr PJ Carlino
Economics, California St Univ-Sacramento - Sacramento
May 29, 2024

There are few other research methods book for designers, and I will therefore adopt it in my course that introduces the topic for graphic designers. The book gives an overview of research methods, but it does not provide enough details and hands-on support for conducting research. It lacks detail, for example, on fundamental concepts such as validity (construct, internal, external, ecological) and reliability; data analysis methods (both qualitative and quantitative); and experiments. I also find it strange that UCD and UX are presented as quantitative approaches (they are not). With that said, the benefits of having a book that introduce research methods for this reader group outweigh the drawbacks.

Professor Mattias Arvola
Dept of Computer & Information Science, Linkoping University
April 27, 2022

The original was a really good book for designers which covers the basics of qualtitative research methods using relevant case studies and material in a design context. A welcome update to the original.

Dr Tracy Piper-Wright
Department of Art & Design, Chester University
April 27, 2022

Although the text book is well written and covers key areas.
The contents therein will not be appreciated by my students

Mr IOANNIS Dermitzakis
Strategy and Human Resources Department, Bedfordshire University
February 18, 2022

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