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Staying In or Standing Out

Staying In or Standing Out
A Video Story and Activities to Combat Peer Pressure for Young People Aged 8 to 12

August 2005 | 48 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Staying In or Standing Out tells the story of a boy who is put under pressure by his peers to experiment with substance abuse. Without really understanding all the implications he is aware that it is something he should not do. At first he cannot see a way out without losing face but eventually he is supported to talk to his mother about what is happening.

The project discusses the conflict between individuality and peer approval related to social and achievement issues in school and the community.

This video is a recording of a live storytelling with use of art backdrops in which Simon shows how peer pressure can face young people with the choice - either:

o to conform, even when they know the behaviour is wrong or dangerous or

o stand out and risk rejection and even ridicule from their peers.

The example used is smoking and the misuse of substances but the message applies to a wide range of unsocial or dangerous behaviours.

Simon's follow-up notes and activities suggest ways in which the video can be incorporated into the PSHE curriculum.

Simon is an author and storyteller who has provided enchanting, challenging and unique experiences for thousands of children. Many local education authorities have commissioned him to work in primary schools on projects that include bullying, child protection, racism and peer relationships. His live performances are followed by Circle Time activities that help children relate the stories to their own lives.

The Story - Staying In or Standing Out
Lesson Plan 1: Responsibility
Lesson Plan 2: Risk
Lesson Plan 3: Choices
Lesson Plan 4: Peer Pressure
Lesson Plan 5: Choices
Risk Questionnaire
Situation Cards
Scenario Snapshots
Cartoon Strip Frame
Teacher's Appendix: Drug Information