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What you can expect from Sage

Support and guidance

At Sage we promise:

  • Expert support from your Publishing Editor on all aspects of managing your journal.
  • Advice on the strategic development of your journal: we will help you attract and publish high quality content. Visit the Sage Editor Gateway for more information and useful resources to help you attract and publish the best papers in your journal.
  • Support and advice on developing your Editorial Board: as Editor, it is important for you to develop an Editorial Board that reflects a range of subject expertise in the field, is gender balanced and is geographically and ethnically diverse. We are very happy to provide guidance should you need it, and of course will be happy to implement changes to your Editorial Board to ensure that it is truly representative, and all members work as a team to help you manage and develop the journal.
  • Support and guidance on matters of publication policy and ethics; advice on how to deal with suspected publication misconduct.

If you are new to the role of Editor, you may find the COPE Short guide to ethical editing for new editors useful, as well as their Core practices guidelines.

We ask our Editors to ensure their actions are aligned wherever possible with COPE guidelines and encourage you to discuss any queries or concerns with your Publishing Editor.

Commitment to editorial independence

The independence of our Editors to select and publish content for their journal is something we strongly uphold and maintain.

Publishing your own research in the journal

You may wish to publish your research in your own journal, and this is acceptable, provided that you are not involved in the decision-making process for these papers. We recommend including a note about the process for reviewing submissions from the journal’s Editorial Board within your guidelines for authors, in order to ensure complete transparency.

Being a member of other journal Editorial Boards

We appreciate that you will probably sit on the Editorial Boards of other journals in your field. We ask that if attending meetings or discussing journal matters with colleagues to please keep information and data relating to Sage and your journal confidential. We do consider acting as an Editor (i.e. in an Editor-in-Chief capacity) on a directly competing journal to be a conflict of interest. Please talk to your Publishing Editor if you have any queries or concerns about this.