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A Concise Introduction to Mixed Methods Research

A Concise Introduction to Mixed Methods Research

Second Edition

August 2021 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
For students and researchers new to mixed methods, A Concise Introduction to Mixed Methods Research 2e by renowned author John W. Creswell provides a brief and practical introduction to mixed methods. Many graduate students and researchers in the social, behavioral and health sciences may not have the time or resources to read long treatises or stacks of journal articles on mixed methods research. This text quickly describes the basics of setting up and conducting a study using this methodology. Chapters are short and follow the process of research, from ensuring skills for conducting research, acknowledging the steps in planning a study, designing studies with increasing complexity, planning sampling strategies and integration, and writing up the results of your study. Get started in mixed methods quickly with this brief primer.
Chapter 1. Basic Characteristics of Mixed Methods Research
Chapter 2. Having Skills, Experiences, and Attitudes to Conduct Mixed Methods Research
Chapter 3. Steps in Planning a Mixed Methods Study
Chapter 4. Introducing a Mixed Methods Study
Chapter 5. Using Core Mixed Methods Designs
Chapter 6. Using Complex Mixed Methods Designs
Chapter 7. Drawing Diagrams of Design
Chapter 8. Sampling, Integration, and Metainferences
Chapter 9. Writing a Mixed Methods Article for Publication
Chapter 10. Evaluating the Quality of a Mixed Methods Study