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A Guide to Intra-state Wars

A Guide to Intra-state Wars
An Examination of Civil, Regional, and Intercommunal Wars, 1816-2014

November 2015 | 816 pages | CQ Press

Sourcing data and analyses from the rigorous Correlates of War Project, A Guide to Intra-state Wars describes how civil war is defined and categorized and presents data and descriptions for nearly 300 civil wars waged from 1816 to 2014. Analyzing trends over time and regions, this work is the definitive source for understanding the phenomenon of civil war, bringing together an explanation of the theoretical premises driving the Correlates of War Project, along with revisions to categories of, and actors in, civil wars that have been made over the years, and data from the Nations, States and Entities civil war dataset.


  • Provides detailed case studies of nearly 300 civil wars from 1816 to 2014
  • Combines the systematic study of war with analyses of trends over time and regions
  • Includes discussion of the different types of actors in international relations and presents data from the Nations, States, and Entities dataset
  • Considers data describing non-state participants (rebels) in civil wars  

"...The first two chapters introduce the reader to the methodology utilized in the work. ...Of particular importance are the distinctions that differentiate between civil, regional, and inter-communal wars. ....The heart of the work is found in the remaining six chapters, entitled "Intrastate Wars in North America," "Intrastate Wars in South America," "Intrastate Wars in Europe," "Intrastate Wars in the Middle East and North Africa,"  "Intrastate Wars in Asia and Oceania," "Intrastate Wars in Sub-Saharan Africa." More than 400 conflicts are covered, beginning with the First Caucasus War of 1818 to 1822 to the ongoing Ukraine Separatists War that erupted in 2014. ...Since information about many of the conflicts included in this work is hard to locate, academic and large public libraries should definitely consider acquiring this work, especially if their constituencies include historians or political scientists."

John R. Burch Jr.
American Reference Books Annual

"...In addition to a clear narrative on each conflict, the authors list the participants, dates, sizes of military forces, deaths on each side, who initiated the conflict, and its outcome.  In true scholarly fashion, details on how coding rules were applied in each case are provided, and an entire chapter is devoted to describing how variables are defined.  Exquisitely indexed and well referenced, the work offers a unique perspective on warfare....Summing Up: Highly recommended. All academic levels; general readers."
J. A. Knapp
Penn State University

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