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A Practical Introduction to In-depth Interviewing

A Practical Introduction to In-depth Interviewing

  • Alan Morris - University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

May 2015 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Are you new to qualitative research or a bit rusty and in need of some inspiration? Are you doing a research project involving in-depth interviews? Are you nervous about carrying out your interviews?

This book will help you complete your qualitative research project by providing a nuts and bolts introduction to interviewing. With coverage of ethics, preparation strategies and advice for handling the unexpected in the field, this handy guide will help you get to grips with the basics of interviewing before embarking on your research. While recognising that your research question and the context of your research will drive your approach to interviewing, this book provides practical advice often skipped in traditional methods textbooks.

Written with the needs of social science students and those new to qualitative research in mind, the book will help you plan, prepare for, carry out and analyse your interviews.    

Chapter 1: The what and why of in-­depth interviewing
Chapter 2: Ethics – the need to tread carefully
Chapter 3: Developing the interview guide
Chapter 4: Selecting, finding and accessing research participants
Chapter 5: Preparing for the interview
Chapter 6: Conducting the interview
Chapter 7: Dealing with difficulties and the unexpected
Chapter 8: Transcribing, analysing and writing up the interviews

Great text with very helpful templates for consent forms, participant information sheets, useful bibliographies at the end of each chapter and accessibly written. The size of the book is ideal for students who don't want to be daunted by the larger research methods books in the first instance.

Dr Deryn Guest
Dept of Theology & Religion, Birmingham University
June 5, 2015

This is a very good introduction to what is one of the more common forms of data generation methods I see in MA research projects. This book will certainly help such students to conduct interviews with greater skill.

Mr Steve Courtney
Manchester Institute of Education, Manchester University
October 22, 2015

This is a clear, straightforward, readable introduction to in-depth interviewing, which I find to be the most intellectually and emotionally the most rewarding kind of interviewing for research. It occasions the disclosure of knowledge that the researcher might not even have expected to exist, making it a most valuable learning process.

Dr Ben Knighton
Research Programme, The Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
December 15, 2015

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