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A Reader in Promoting Public Health

A Reader in Promoting Public Health

Second Edition
Edited by:

November 2009 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The second edition of A Reader in Promoting Public Health brings together a selection of readings that explore and challenge current thinking in the field of multidisciplinary public health. This thoroughly updated and revised new edition addresses contemporary issues that are high on the agenda of public health, and enables the reader to understand and negotiate this broad and dynamic field of study.

The book is organised into five sections, each with an accessible and student-friendly introduction that pulls together the key themes and issues:

- Back to the future? Reflections on multidisciplinary public health takes stock of the scope and ambition of contemporary public health;

- Research for evidence-based practice explores research methods, tools and techniques for developing effective public health practice;

- Promoting health through public policy examines policy challenges, responses and key debates at national, international and global level :

- Promoting public health at a local level explores public health and health promotion in a participatory and community context;

- Public health for the 21st century: whose voices? whose values? examines debates which expose alternative futures, priorities and boundaries for public health work.

This second edition includes new material on health inequalities, health protection, social marketing and health promotion, as well as highlighting the practical requirements of public health work through 'grass roots' accounts of practice. It will be essential reading for all students of public health and health promotion, as well as for health and social care professionals.

Cathy E. Lloyd
Introduction - Challenge and Controversy in Promoting Public Health
Linda Jones and Sarah Earle
Jenny Douglas
The Rise of Modern Multidisciplinary Public Health
Iqbal Sram and John Ashton
Millennium Report to Sir Edwin Chadwick
Mildred Blaxter
How Is Health Experienced?
Moyra Sidell
Older People's Health: Applying Antonovsky's Salutogenic Paradigm
Hannah Bradby and Tarani Chandola
Inequalities and Ethnicity: Evidence and Intervention
Hilary Graham
Poverty and Health: Global and National Patterns
Kate Arden
Health Impact Assessment: A Practitioner's View
Jane Wills
Health Promotion: Not Drowning but Waving?
Gerard Hastings and Laura Mcdermott
Putting Social Marketing into Practice
Linda Jones and Cathy E. Lloyd
Fran Baum
Dilemmas in Public Health Research: Methodologies And Ethical Practice
David V Mcqueen
The Evaluation of Health Promotion Practice: 21st Century Debates on Evidence and Effectiveness
Joe H. Abramson
Epidemiology - To Be Taken With Care
Gayle Letherby
Feminist Research and Health
Cathy E. Lloyd
Researching the Views of Diabetes Service Users from South Asian Backgrounds: A Reflection on Some of the Issues
John Bell
Setting Priorities in Public Health Research
Jenny Douglas And Linda Jones
Don Nutbeam
What Would The Ottawa Charter Look Like If It Were Written Today?
Michelle Baybutt, Paul Hayton and Mark Dooris
Prisons in England and Wales: An Important Public Health Opportunity?
Jennifer A. O'Dea
Considerations in the Prevention of Obesity among Children and Adolescents: First, Do No Harm
Ilona Kickbusch and Birahim Seck
Global Public Health
John Middleton and Victor W. Sidel
Terrorism and Public Health
Kelley Lee
Global Health Promotion: How Can We Strengthen Governance And Build Effective Strategies?
Stephen Handsley and Linda Jones
Gunjit Bandesha and A. Litva
Perceptions of Community Participation and Health Gain in a Community Project for the South Asian Population: A Qualitative Study
Mark A. Bellis, Karen Hughes and Helen Lowey
Healthy Nightclubs and Recreational Substance Use: From A Harm Minimisation to A Healthy Settings Approach
Sarah Earle and Keith Sharp
Dirty Whores and Invisible Men: Sex Work and The Public Health
Andrew Gibson
Does Social Capital Have A Role To Play In The Health Of Communities?
Paul Bridgen
Evaluating the Empowering Potential of Community-Based Health Schemes: The Case of Community Health Policies in the UK Since 1997
Maurice B. Mittelmark
Promoting Social Responsibility for Health: Health Impact Assessment and Healthy Public Policy at the Community Level
Linda Jones
Ron Labonte
Health Promotion, Globalisation and Health
Jeff French
The Market Dominated Future of Public Health?
Sue Spurr
Yoga and Promoting Public Health
Stephen Handsley and Carol Komaromy
Death and Contagion: Contaminating Bodies
Bill Albert
Disability Rights, Genetics and Public Health
Lynne Freidl
Mental Health Promotion
Hazel Stuteley and Richard Parish
Community Regeneration: From Apathy to Anger to Positive Energy

This is a well laid out book which covers a variety of topics in 5 broad sections. The chapters and articles within each section are well structured and manageable in terms of the topics they cover and the content is covered clearly and informatively - a straightforward read. It does help having some background knowledge of health promotion when using it, but many new areas are included that give pause for thought (e.g. terrorism)

Mr Geoffrey Atkinson
Health & Social Care, Doncaster College & University Centre
September 1, 2015

This book provides a useful insight into different aspects of public health, and will help students develop their learning on issues relating to public health and beyond.

Dr Michael Richards
Applied Health and Social Care , Edge Hill University
May 8, 2016

It adds a new dimension to public health studies

Mrs Liz Snapes
FHSCE, Anglia Ruskin University
August 20, 2015

Adds a different dimension to public health studies

Mrs Liz Snapes
FHSCE, Anglia Ruskin University
June 10, 2015

Recommended as additional reading for course

FHSC, London South Bank University
October 13, 2014

An excellent book covering key areas in the multidisciplinary field of Public Health. Sections on Global Public Health are very relevant to the 21st Century. This book will supplement texts on the MSc Public Health and Health Promotion and MSc Ageing Studies courses.

Mrs Ruth Hopkins
Health and Human Sciences, Swansea University
February 20, 2014

This book should be a resource for every health professional

Mr Timothy Wallis
Health, University Campus Oldham
December 18, 2013

Nursing students have referred to this text within class discussions and in submitted work. Content encourages critical analysis and supports curriculum.

Mrs Kristen Newman
School of Health & Social Care, Chester University
October 10, 2013

Excellent selection of articles and texts. This book will prove very useful in supplementing classroom teaching with guided reading on the public health programme

Ms Lynda Stobert
Faculty of Health City South Campus, Birmingham City University
April 26, 2013

Used to support delivery of some elements of the session and recommended to students
Also used for a different course- Public Health and Social Change MSc

Ms Carolyn Nuttall
Faculty of Health, University of Cumbria
November 13, 2012

New to the 2nd Edition:

  • The new edition has been written to meet the demands of undergraduates as opossed to just postgraduates with the previous edition
  • New material includes: health inequalities, health protection, social marketing and health and health promotion
  • The book highlights throughout the practical requirements of public health work through practice
  • The new edition includes stronger editorial commentary in the part-opening sections. These identify key themes and reflective content.

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