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A Realist Approach for Qualitative Research

A Realist Approach for Qualitative Research

January 2012 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Are cultural and material phenomena equally real? How can one study the relationships between cultural constructions, social behaviour and material conditions and draw a valid conclusion from the data?

In contrast to interpretive or constructivist positions, realism supports the insights of critical theory in social and educational research regarding the relationships between actors' perspectives and their actual situations, while avoiding the epistemological objectivism associated with positivism and some forms of post-positivist empiricism.

This book will explain how readers can use realism to conceptualize and conduct their qualitative study to get results with greater validity.

Preface: The Value of Realism for Qualitative Research
About the Author
Part I: A Realist Stance for Qualitative Research
Chapter 1: What Is Realism, and Why Should Qualitative Researchers Care?
Chapter 2: Meaning and Culture Are Real
Chapter 3: Causation Is Real
Chapter 4: Diversity Is Real
Part II: Realism and Qualitative Methods
Chapter 5: The Realities of Research Design
Chapter 6: Research Relationships and Data Collection
Chapter 7: Real and Virtual Relationships in Qualitative Data Analysis (with Barbara Miller)
Chapter 8: Understanding, Validity, and Evidence
Part III: Applications of Realism in Qualitative Research
Chapter 9: Explaining Plains Indian Social Organization
Chapter 10: Meaning and Diversity in Inuit Kinship and Culture
Author Index
Subject Index

This is an excellent introduction to qualitative data analysis from a critical realist perspective. It might be slightly above the level of some students undertaking Masters level dissertations, but it is certainly an excellent resource for PhD students thinking of utilising the critical realist approach.

Mr Michael Roy
Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health, Glasgow Caledonian University
February 25, 2014

Didn't fit with course objectives but I am referring some students to it as a supplementary text.

Dr Deborah O'Connor
Social Work, Univ of British Columbia
November 12, 2013

This is an excellent text for research students who are using this methodology or want to read further around this type of qualitative method

Dr Lyvonne Tume
School of Nursing and Caring Sciences, University of Central Lancashire
October 10, 2013

I didn't find the author's central thesis all that helpful.

Dr Rich Starcher
Sch Of Intercultural Stds Dept, Biola University
October 3, 2013

The text provided a clear account of the critical realist approach that I found very accessible.

Mr Brian Critchley
LMBS, London Metropolitan Uni (North Campus)
October 3, 2013

A companion text to existing course book. Very accessible.

Dr John Hedgcock
GSTILE, Monterey Institute of International Studies
June 29, 2013

This is a very useful text which offers and interesting addition to any research skills module. The realist approach is an easy concept for students to grasp

Mr Patrick Hutchinson
Department of Business, Newcastle College
May 11, 2013

A bit too specific for an introductory course

Professor Nancy Ares
Warner Grad Sch Of Ed Hum Dvmt, University of Rochester
March 19, 2013

useful supporting text to accompany research methods teaching in HE

Dr Hugh Lee
Management , Bradford University
January 17, 2013

Very easy to read text bringing together philosophy and practice of qualitative research.

Just what I was looking for in my PhD!

Ms Maria Parks
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, York St John University College
November 20, 2012

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