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About Criminals

About Criminals
A View of the Offenders’ World

Second Edition
Edited by:

February 2012 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This text presents students with recent and important research on criminal behaviour. The field studies conducted by the contributing authors for all the articles in this anthology will provide the reader with a realistic portrayal of what actual offenders say about crime and their participation in it. Having offenders' voices heard along with the researchers' analyses offers students a real-life view of what, how, and why various criminals behave the way they do. The readings explore a wide array of specific types of criminal behaviour, covering the majority of types found in almost every standard criminology text. Each article has been selected for its ability to artfully portray the perspective of those offenders being studied and its readability for students.
PART I: Property Crimes
Vera Lopez
1. Understanding Adolescent Property Crime Using a Delinquent Events Perspective
Heith Copes
2. Street Life and the Rewards of Auto Theft, by Heith Copes
Christopher Mullins and Richard Wright
3. Gender, Social Networks, and Residential Burglary
PART II: Violent Crimes
Mark Pogrebin, Paul Stretesky, N. Prabha Unnithan, and Gerald Venor
4. Retrospective Accounts of Violent Events by Gun Offenders
Volkan Topalli and Richard Wright
5. Dubs and Dees, Beats and Rims: Carjackers and Urban Violence
Charis Kubrin
6. Gangstas, Thugs and Hustlas: Identity and the Code of the Street in Rap Music
PART III: Sex Crimes
Brenda Roche, Alan Neaigus, and Maureen Miller
7. Street Smarts and Urban Myths: Women, Sex Work, and the Role of Storytelling in Risk Reduction and Rationalization
Mark Pogrebin, Eric Poole, and Amos Martinez
8.Accounts of Professional Misdeeds: The Sexual Exploitation of Clients by Psychotherapists
Brian Monahan and Joseph Morolla
9.Constructing Coercion: The Organization of Sexual Assault
PART IV: Gangs and Crime
Pete Simi, Lowell Smith, and Ann M.S. Reeser
From Punk Kids to Public Enemy Number One
Paul Stretesky and Mark Pogrebin
11. Gang-Related Gun Violence: Socialization, Identity, and Self
Molly Moloney, Geoffrey Hunt, Karen Joe-Laidler,
12. Young Mother (in the) Hood: Gang Girls’ Negotiation of New Identities
PART V: White Collar–Occupational Crime
Neal Shover, Glenn Coffey, and Clinton Sanders
13. Dialing for Dollars: Opportunities, Justifications, and Telemarketing Fraud
Heith Copes and Lynne Vieraitis
14. Understanding Identity Theft: Offenders’ Accounts of their Lives and Crimes
Thomas Holt and Heith Copes
15.Transferring Subcultural Knowledge On-Line: Practices and Beliefs of Persistent Digital Pirates
PART VI: Drugs and Crime
Robert Jenkot
16. Cooks are like Gods: Hierarchies in Methamphetamine-Producing Groups
Heith Copes, Andy Hochstetler, and J. Patrick Williams
17.We Weren’t Like no Regular Dope Fiends: Negotiating Hustler and Crackhead Identities
Aline Gubrium
18.Writing Against the Image of the Monstrous Crack Mother
PART VII: Gender and Crime
Candace Kruttschnitt and Kristin Carbone-Lopez
19. Moving Beyond Stereotypes: Women’s Subjective Accounts of their Violent Crime
Ann Lucas
20. The Work of Sex Work: Elite Prostitutes’ Vocational Orientations and Experiences
Kathleen Ferraro and Angela Moe
21. Mothering, Crime and Incarceration
PART VIII: Support Systems and Crime
Damian Martinez and Johnna Christian
22.The Familial Relationships of Former Prisoners: Examining the Link Between Residence and Informal Support Mechanisms
Donald Braman
23 .On the Ropes: Londa and Derek
Sharon Oselin
24. Leaving the Streets: Transformation of Prostitute Identity within the Prostitution Rehabilitation Program
Lucia Trimbur
25.Me and the Law is not Friends”: How Former Prisoners Make Sense of Reentry
Andrea Leverentz
26. The Love of a Good Man? Romantic Relationships as a Source of Support or Hindrance of Female Ex-Offenders

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