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Acute Illness Management

Acute Illness Management

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March 2011 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The prospect of caring for acutely ill patients has the potential to overwhelm students and newly qualified health professionals, with many reporting feelings of stress, fear and inexperience. In this context, Acute Illness Management arrives as an important and much needed text covering the fundamental aspects of care in the hospital setting.

This book is designed to address the student's needs by equipping them with a practical understanding of the essential skills ranging from resuscitation to early intervention and to trauma care. It explains the rationale behind the key protocols of care highlighting the relationship between theory and practice.

Key features include:

-Up-to-date legal and ethical content.

-Tips for analysing care decisions in a critical and effective manner, and

-Reflective activities and self-assessment questions to cement learning.

Acute Illness Management is an invaluable resource for students and qualified practitioners in nursing and other health professions.

Acute Illness Management: An Overview
The Physiology of Acute Illness
Patient Stability Assessment
Problems with the Airway and Breathing
Understanding and Resolving Problems with the Circulation
Electrocardiographic Monitoring
Responding to the Acutely Ill Patient
Significant Others, Breaking Bad News
Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues

An excellent summary of the basic physiology of acute illness together with clear descriptions and rationale for the nurse's role

Mr Cameron Rough
School of Nursing & Midwifery, Dundee University
September 10, 2012

Considering to use this book as essential reading/exam book on my course
Book was good, clear and logical -easy for students to understand

Miss Anna Partanen
Nursing , Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia
September 6, 2012

This book is a fantastic resource for pre and post registered healthcare workers alike. It has been recommended to our librarians for stock in our education centre

Mrs Stella Cosgrove
Human Resource Depatment Training and Development, Lancashir teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
August 17, 2012

A well organised text suitable for post registration nurses with a special interest in acute and critical care. This book looks at contemporary issues and has clear diagramatic illustrations

Mrs Shona Green
Nursing & Midwifery, Demontfort University
June 20, 2012

This is a handy book for health professionals working in the pre-hospital environment. The key learning points and self assessment questions help to consolidate learning. it is a good book to supplement other more in depth books.

Mrs Mo Lee
Faculty of health and social care, Hull University
April 23, 2012

Subject specific

Mr Philip Ashwell
expert centre, university of portsmouth
February 22, 2012

This book provides a useful insight into the physical and psychological management of an array of pathologies. Overall very useful text for pre and post registration nurses.

Mr Andrew Parry
HeSAS, Glamorgan University
November 24, 2011

Almost immediately after I started perusing this book I realised what a gem it is. It is straightforward, offers clear explanations and provides visual, diagramatic information. I will recommend it to my first year group as an excellent introductory text.

Mrs Melanie Fisher
Nursing, Northumbria University
May 26, 2011

This book was more concerned with medicine than psychological processes in acute illness management. However, there are a couple of useful chapters in there which I will be recommending to students.

Mrs Amy Cantwell
Psychology, Derby University
May 17, 2011

This book is ideal for both students of nursing and those already practicing. The text is understandable but also does not drown the reader in the potential depth of knowledge that is available. Chapters are of appropriate length and deal with the important aspects of acute illness nursing management. Very good.

Mr Philip Angrave
Nursing , Canterbury Christ Church University
April 26, 2011

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