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Online teaching tips and resources

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Although blended learning isn’t a new model, 2020 caught many students and lecturers by surprise by having to adapt to fully learning and teaching online.

Suddenly, you were expected to tweak your lesson plans, overhaul your assessments, and keep your students engaged, while getting to grips with new software and delivering the same quality of education as before, this time from your living room. Sounds familiar?

With that in mind, we put together some resources and advice to help you deliver on your online teaching commitments and boost online class engagement.


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How can you make the best use of online resources?

Dr Tom Chatfield, the author of Sage Campus Critical Thinking online course and multiple critical thinking textbooks, shares his tips, such as using knowledge checks and keeping it simple with online courses.


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Supporting you in this new environment

Head to our online teaching hub for practical resources and expert advice on how to make the most of the opportunities and overcome the challenges of online teaching and working in a post-COVID world.

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Additional materials from our Study Skills books

Many of our study skills books come with online resources to help with teaching such as PowerPoint slides, class materials and videos to increase student engagement and keep screen fatigue at bay.


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Online teaching FAQ

Questions about teaching online? This post on SocialScienceSpace answers all your pressing questions, from tools and basics and to meeting student needs and course requirements, by bringing together free resources drawn from social and behavioural science.


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Get online teaching and learning tips

Dr. Linda Bloomberg shares practical insight and actionable advice to help you and your students succeed in an online environment.

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In this video, online learning expert, Dr Tom Chatfield, and instructional designer, Elspeth Timmans, debate key questions and share their top tips for teaching remotely.


We’re aware that with online interactions and pressure to provide students with the support they need, achieving work-life balance might seem more challenging than usual.

So before you go any further, check this newsletter by authors of How to be a Happy Academic, Bailey Sousa and Alex Clarke, for valuable insight and free resources on how to deal with strain and plan for better work-life balance in 2021.