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Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich
Passion, Politics and the Body

December 1997 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Adrienne Rich is a major American poet who continues to be inspired by the political ideas and activism of various liberation movements of the twentieth century. Whether expressed in poetry or in prose, her ideas have been much debated, particularly within second wave feminism.

This unique introduction focuses on Rich's prose work but also makes reference to the poetry where her political ideas and urgencies often find their first expression. Demonstrating the compexity and subtlety of her contribution to feminism, the book outlines her wide-ranging thoughts on, for example, motherhood, heterosexuality, lesbian and Jewish identity, and issues of racial and sexual otherness. Liz Yorke conveys the range and importance of Rich's achievements and highlights the major themes which are interwoven in her work.

`What I Know, I Know through Making Poems'
Feminist Beginnings in the Early Poetry

Reversing the Going Logic
How Hear the Women `To Her Own Speech'

Embodied Experience
Passion and Politics in Of Woman Born


Lesbian Identity, Compulsory Heterosexuality and `The Common "Woman"'
Back to the Body, Back to Earth
Concrete Experience as `The Core of Revolutionary Process'

Inside and Outside, Centre and Margin, Jew and Gentile
The Contradictory World of Multiple, Threshold Identity


`Liz Yorke clearly and precisely explains the ideas of Adrienne Rich's work and situates them in the history of feminist thought. However, this is no dry disputation. Yorke is alive to the creative and dynamic elements in Rich's thinking and, while not neglecting the poetry, she makes a wholly convincing case for the centrality of Rich's prose writing' - Mary Eagleton, University College of Ripon and York St John

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