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Advances in Field Theory

Advances in Field Theory

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Social Psychology (General)

January 1991 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A comprehensive overview and analysis of one of the most influential theories in psychology is offered in this volume. Based on the pioneering work of social psychologist Kurt Lewin, it outlines the work of several generations of international field theorists and attests to the durability and utility of Lewin's work. Essays trace the history and development of field theory and discuss its various applications in a number of settings. Topics addressed include managing social conflict, self-help groups, field theory and the construction of social problems and academic sex discrimination.
Advancing Field Theory

Field Theory in Social Science
What Made It Creative

Anitra Karsten
The Study of Everyday Life
Ralph White
Democracy in the Research Team
Morton Deutsch
Enthusiasm for the Work
Kurt W Back
Woe unto You that are a Grandchild
Mel van Elteren and Helmut E Luck
Kurt Lewin's Films and Their Role in the Development of Field Theory
World Fields
Martin Gold
Two `Field Theories'
Susan A Wheelan and Vicki Abt
Field Theory and the Construction of Social Problems
A Relational Perspective

Shen Heyong
Kurt Lewin in China
Fred Emery
On the Nature of the Next Generation of Issues
Social Processes
Kurt W Back
The Family as a Special Group
Boundaries and Dynamics

Matthew Maibaum
Topological Psychology of Abnormal Syndromes
Lewin on Unreality

Ana Marjanovic-Shane
Two Paradigms in Developmental Studies of Language
An Old Controversy in New Clothes

Morton Deutsch
Cooperation, Conflict and Justice
Emmy A Pepitone
Social Comparison, Relative Deprivation and Pupil Interaction
Homogeneous Versus Heterogeneous Classrooms

Murray Horwitz and Norman H Berkowitz
Interpersonal and Intergroup Methods of Managing Social Conflict
World Fields
Susan A Wheelan and Eugene H Stivers
Group Dynamics, Action Research and Intergroup Relations
David Bargal and Haviva Bar
Strategies for Arab-Jewish Conflict Management Workshops
Odd Steffen Dalgard, Trine Anstorp, Kirsten Benum, Tom Sorensen and Torbjorn Moum
Social Psychiatric Field Studies in Oslo
Some Preliminary Results

Robert J Kleiner and Barnabas Okeke
Level of Aspiration Theory and Quality of Life in Cross-Cultural Research
Social Processes
Mark A Chesler
Action Research in the Voluntary Sector
A Case Study of Scholar-Activist Roles in Self-Help Groups

Willard C Richan and Robert J Kleiner
The Social Agency as a Field of Forces
A Program Evaluation Strategy

Ethel D Kahn and Frank B W Hawkinshire
The Etiology of Academic Sex Discrimination
Research in Progress

Frank B W Hawkinshire and William A Liggett
Lewin's Paradigm of Planned Change
Theory and Application


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