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Adventures in Social Research

Adventures in Social Research
Data Analysis Using IBM SPSS Statistics

11th Edition

February 2022 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This text provides a practical, hands-on introduction to data conceptualization, measurement, and association through active learning. Students get step-by-step instruction on data analysis using the latest version of SPSS and the most current General Social Survey data. The text starts with an introduction to computerized data analysis and the social research process, then walks users through univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analysis using SPSS. The book contains applications from across the social sciences—sociology, political science, social work, criminal justice, health—so it can be used in courses offered in any of these departments. The Eleventh Edition uses the latest general Social Survey (GSS) data, and the latest available version of SPSS. The GSS datasets now offer additional variables for more possibilities in the demonstrations and exercises within each chapter.
Part I Preparing for Data Analysis
Chapter 1 Introduction: The Theory and Practice of Social Research
Chapter 2 The Logic of Measurement
Chapter 3 Description of Data Sets: The General Social Survey
Part II Univariate Analysis
Chapter 4 Using SPSS Statistics: Some Basics
Chapter 5 Describing Your Data: Religiosity
Chapter 6 Presenting Your Data in Graphic Form: Political Orientations
Chapter 7 Recoding Your Data: Religiosity and Political Orientations
Chapter 8 Creating Composite Measures: Exploring Attitudes Toward Abortion in More Depth
Chapter 9 Suggestions for Further Analysis
Part III Bivariate Analysis
Chapter 10 Examining the Sources of Religiosity
Chapter 11 Political Orientations as Cause and Effect
Chapter 12 What Causes Different Attitudes Toward Abortion?
Chapter 13 Measures of Association for Nominal and Ordinal Variables
Chapter 14 Correlation and Regression Analysis
Chapter 15 Tests of Significance
Chapter 16 Suggestions for Further Bivariate Analyses
Part IV Multivariate Analysis
Chapter 17 Multiple Causation: Examining Religiosity in Greater Depth
Chapter 18 Dissecting the Political Factor
Chapter 19 A Powerful Prediction of Attitudes Toward Abortion
Chapter 20 Suggestions for Further Multivariate Analyses
Part V The Adventure Continues
Chapter 21 Designing and Executing Your Own Survey
Chapter 22 Further Opportunities for Social Research


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Instructor Resource Site
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Student Resource Site
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This text has been a lifesaver! Although the material is challenging, I have been continually impressed with my student’s ability to come away from this course with the ability to perform their own (small) data analysis project in the final week using what they learned. . . . Many start with zero knowledge or experience with research, and in a very short time period are able to get up to speed with the terminology, and to sift through all of the various ‘rules’ of data analysis (which measures of association, tests of significance, etc. to use based on their variables) like pros.

Kristie Vise
Northern Kentucky University

Was already adopted by the prior prof. It is a good book and I kept it adopted.
It does need help with modernizing some phrases and data though -- esp in the lab assignments.

Dr Ryan Mychal Getty
Social Sciences Dept, University Of Texas At Tyler
August 2, 2023

Very practical and student-friendly!

Professor Gbadebo Odularu
Economics, BAU International University
May 1, 2023

Uses SPSS. Provides good instructions, generally, but there continue to be the same errors edition after edition.

Professor Tori Barnes-Brus
Sociology/Anthropology Dept, Cornell College
April 11, 2023

Good support for teaching SPSS

Dr Raquel Lara Velez Oliveira
Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Social Work, Augusta University
January 10, 2023

Easy to understand for beginners

Dr Memory Mabika
Communication and Applied Language Studies, University of Venda
March 19, 2023

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