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Agent-Based Models

Agent-Based Models

November 2007 | 112 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Aimed at readers with minimal experience in computer programming, this brief book provides a theoretical and methodological rationale for using ABM in the social sciences. It goes on to describe some carefully chosen examples from different disciplines, illustrating different approaches to ABM. It concludes with practical advice about how to design and create ABM, a discussion of validation procedures, and some guidelines about publishing articles based on ABM.
Series Editor's Introduction
1. The Idea of Agent-Based Modeling
1.1 Agent-Based Modeling

1.2 Some Examples

1.3 The Features of Agent-Based Modeling

1.4 Other Related Modeling Approaches

2. Agents, Environments, and Timescales
2.1 Agents

2.2 Environments

2.3 Randomness

2.4 Time

3. Using Agent-Based Models in Social Science Research
3.1 An Example of Developing an Agent-Based Model

3.2 Verification: Getting Rid of the Bugs

3.3 Validation

3.4 Techniques for Validation

3.5 Summary

4. Designing and Developing Agent-Based Models
4.1 Modeling Toolkits, Libraries, Languages, Frameworks, and Environments

4.2 Using NetLogo to Build Models

4.3 Building the Collectivities Model Step by Step

4.4 Planning an Agent-Based Model Project

4.5 Reporting Agent-Based Model Research

4.6 Summary

5. Advances in Agent-Based Modeling
5.1 Geographical Information Systems

5.2 Learning

5.3 Simulating Language

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Chapter 4

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