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Alchemy of Change

Alchemy of Change
Managing Transition through Value-Based Leadership

February 2020 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Change is inevitable and usually painful. A spoonful of empathic leadership, a smattering of new tools and a few sachets of foundational values boil together to create organizational transformation. However, not all change efforts are successful. Alchemy of Change shows that value-based institutions, which evolve from the wisdom of the soil, can bring about enduring change.


Introducing the Indian Model of Change, which is based on Indian values of leadership, dialogue, mutual respect, and goal setting, the authors explain how the nuances and distinctions of the Indian mindset and cultural backdrop can help to keep pace with today’s fast-changing world. Through real case studies and references from diverse literature, the book shows that change management cannot be treated as a mechanical exercise because change affects and is affected by human emotions, both at an individual and collective level. It is an insightful read for senior management and HR professionals, for all stakeholders who are entrusted with the task of facilitating or bringing about change in an organization, as well as students of change. For the general reader, the book can be a journey in self-awareness and growth.

Foreword by T. V. Rao
Part I Change is a Fascinating Kaleidoscope
Change Is Life, Life Is Change
Anatomy of Change
Changing Organizations
Part II Experiences of Change
Mega Corporation: Challenging Old Paradigms
AG Corporation: A Change That Reinvented a Corporation
Akash Corporation: Lip Service Does Not Bring Change
Part III Manage It or Be Ready for Oblivion
The Blueprint
Preparing for Change
Vision for Change
Building a Dominant Coalition
Designing Change Strategy
Handling Resistance
Sustaining Change
Part IV Your Toolkit for Change
It’s a Team Game
Culture of Learning and Innovation Helps
90 Per Cent of Change Management Is People Management
Who is Holding the Reins?
Unleashing the Power of Infantry
Part V Leadership: The X Factor of Successful Change Facilitation
Leadership and the Need for a Change Leader
Value-based Leadership and Successful Change
Part VI Culture and Values as Vehicles of Change
Influence of Culture and Indian Culture
Values as General Ideals and Standards
Indian Values as Civilizational Backdrop
Part VII Indian Model for Driving Change

The language we use while shaping change often gets jargonized and becomes daunting. Alchemy of Change shows that simplicity of the language creates a pull that makes changes easier and faster.

Abhijit Bhaduri
Columnist, Coach and Author of The Digital Tsunami

“This work derives major strength from its simplicity… The content flows from beginning to end as experiences the authors learn from. Slowly you feel like a co-passenger on this change management journey.” 

NHRD Network Journal, Vol. 13, Issue 3

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