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Alien Concepts and South Asian Reality

Alien Concepts and South Asian Reality
Responses and Reformulations

October 1995 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
In this thought-provoking book T K Oommen demonstrates that Indian social science is not a mere captive of Western or Marxist intellectual influences. Part One is a response to five Western and Marxist theories and concepts: the old concept of dichotomy and the new one of continuum; Weber's notion of charismatic leaders; political pluralism; voluntary associations; and the nature of students' movements in the context of revolution. In Part Two the author reformulates various theories and concepts based on empirical evidence from Asia.
The Rural-Urban Continuum Re-examined in the Indian Context
Charisma, Social Structure and Social Change
Community Power Structure in Rural India
The Theory of Voluntary Associations in a Cross-Cultural Perspective
Student Power in India
A Sociological Analysis  
Agrarian Classes and Political Mobilization
Political Alienation and the Internal Threats to the Indian Polity
Movements and Institutions
Structural Opposition or Processual Linkages?  
Erving Goffman and the Study of Everyday Protest
Religion and Development in Hindu Society
Western Vision and Eastern Survival
Towards a Futuristic Agenda  
State, Nation and Ethnie
The Processual Linkages  

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