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Alternative Discourses in Asian Social Science

Alternative Discourses in Asian Social Science
Responses to Eurocentrism

First Edition

May 2006 | 228 pages | SAGE India
This book situates Asian social sciences in the global context in terms of the perspectives that have evolved and the contributions they have made to the general body of knowledge in the field. More than a mere chronology of key growth points of various social science disciplines in the vast region of Asia and the Pacific, the book focuses on major theoretical problems and issues and offers a critique of various approaches and orientations pursued by scholars worldwide in the investigation of Asian societies and cultures.
The Central Problem of the Social Sciences in Asia
Critique, Diagnosis and Prescription

Theorizing the State of the Social Sciences
The Structure of Academic Dependency and the Global Division of Labour in the Social Sciences
The Definition and Variety of Alternative Discourses in Asia
Nativist or Autonomous Social Science
A Clash of Orientations

Towards an Adequate Conceptualization of Relevance and Irrelevance in the Social Sciences
Alternative Discourses and Power
Rethinking the Teaching of the Social Sciences
The Prospects and Future of Alternative Discourses in Asia

This book is an excellent illustration of one of the many strong pleas to press towards a more critical and reflexive social sciences through the production of alternative discourses. It is a compelling and engaging read that should be of interest to many scholars of various social science disciplines.

Asian Journal of Social Science

…the book ‘addresses a set of problems surrounding the state of the social sciences in Asia…the book also offers multiple readings for its various audiences, spanning academics, researchers and activists… Alternative Discourses…is a must for anyone committed to developing Asian Scholarship that is culturally self reflexive and open to dialogue with other cultural contexts.

Contribution to Indian Sociology

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