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American Foreign Policy Traditions

American Foreign Policy Traditions

Four Volume Set
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December 2009 | 1 648 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This four-volume collection brings together the academic writings of scholars who have examined America's foreign policy through the lens of diverse and often contradictory political traditions that stretch back to the founding of the United States, including liberalism, 'messianism' and 'isolationism'. The selected papers address the historical development of these traditions, their application for understanding contemporary US foreign policy, the emergence of new traditions such as neoconservatism, and the perpetual existence of 'anti-Americanism'.

The SAGE Library of International Relations brings together the most influential and field-defining articles, both classical and contemporary, in a number of key areas of research and inquiry in International Relations.

Each multi-volume set represents a collection of the essential published works collated from the foremost publications in the field by an editor or editorial team of renowned international stature.

They also include a full introduction, presenting a rationale for the selection and mapping out the discipline's past, present and likely future.

This series is designed to be a 'gold standard' for university libraries throughout the world with an interest in International Relations.

The Idea of Foreign Policy Traditions
Tradition as Invention

Renée Jeffery
The American Tradition
The American Foreign Policy Tradition

Walter Russell Mead
The New World Order

Henry Kissinger
Colonial Origins of American Diplomatic Principles

Max Savelle
Back to Bedrock: The eight traditions of American statecraft

Walter McDougall
Farewell to the Farewell Address? Or a 'discourse of the permanent and transient in American politics

Michael Dunne
Messianism, Exceptionalism and Realism
Liberty or Exceptionalism (so Called)

Walter McDougall
Messianism, Exemplary and Dynamic

Anatol Lieven
An American Tradition in Foreign Affairs

Norman A. Graebner
The British Inheritance/Enemy
Introduction and the Gyroscope and the Pyramid

Walter Russell Mead
Friendly Fire

Bernard Porter
Washington's Legacy and Unilateralism
Intellectual Foundations of Early American Diplomacy

James Hutson
Unilaterialism, or Isolationalism (so Called)

Walter McDougall
The Hamiltonian Tradition
Hamilton's Way

Walter Russell Mead
The Jeffersonian Tradition
Jefferson and the Diplomacy of the Old Regime and Conquering Without War

Robert Tucker and David Hendrickson
Jefferson and an American Foreign Policy

Walter LaFeber
The Jacksonian Tradition
Antithesis Part 1: The embittered heartland

Anatol Lieven
Taking Center Stage: Southerners and Vietnam, 1954 - 1973

Joseph Fry
The Monroe Doctrine and Manifest Destiny
The Evolution of the Monroe Doctrine from Monroe to Reagan

Walter LaFeber
Destinies and Destinations, 1820-1865

Andreas Stephanson
America Imperialism?
Is there American Imperialism

Dexter Perkins
Imperialism, American Style, 1890-1916

Joseph Fry

Robert Buzzanco
1898 and 1968: The Anti-Imperialists and the Doves

Robert L. Beisner
Open Door Policy and Williams' Extension
Open Door Policy

Mark Atwood Lawrence
The Tragedy of American Diplomacy: Twenty-five years after

Bradford Perkins
The Open Door and American Hegemony in Western Hegemony in Western Europe

Christopher Layne
Isolationism and the Anti-War Tradition
The Isolationist Heritage

C. V. Crabb
The Renunciation of War

Arthur A. Ekirch
The Wilsonian Tradition and American Liberalism
The Connecticut Yankee in the Court of King Arthur

Walter Russell Mead
Liberal Democratic Internationalism

Tony Smith
Hegemony on the Cheap

Colin Dueck
Containment and American Realism

Walter McDougall
Prophets and poseurs

Andrew J. Bacevich
The Past and the Future
Trade Offs

Henry Nau
A History of Anti-Americanism

Brendon O'Connor
Early History: Environmental, Cultural and Political Inferiority
European Anti-Americanism: A brief historical overview

Andrei Markovits
Imagining America

David Kennedy
American Response to the Degeneracy Thesis

James Ceaser
The Age of Contempt

Philippe Roger
America Has Gone Mad: Anti-Americanism in historical perspective

Tony Judt
America and the British Reform Struggle, 1865-7 and Conclusion: The British left and America since Roosevelt

Henry Pelling
Cold War Anti-Americanism
The Pilgrimage to Nicaragua

Paul Hollander
Was De Gaulle Anti-American?

Richard F. Kuisel
Anti-Americanism at Home and Abroad

Henry Fairlie
A Factual Epilogue

William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick
The Changeable Soviet Image of America

Vladimir Shlapentokh
After September 11, 2001
How the World sees America

Richard Crockett
Who's Afraid of Mr. Big?

Josef Joffe
Introduction: The new virulence and popularity

Paul Hollander
America as Super-Villain

Barry Rubin and Judith Colp Rubin
Are We All Americans Now

Robert Singh
Acting Together - Or Alone

Andrew Kohut and Bruce Stokes
The Worst Society That Ever Was

Jean-Francois Revel
Bush and Anti-Americanism
Bush and Anti-Americanism

Brendon O'Connor
George W. Bush, Religion and European Anti-Americanism

D. Jason Bergrenn and Nicol Rae
Anti-Americanism in the Third World

Alvin Z. Rubenstein and Donald E. Smith
Anti-Americanism in Latin America and the Caribbean: False populism or coming full circle?

Alan McPherson
The 3:10 to Yuma

Ana Maria Dopico
'Bradenism' and Beyond: Argentine anti-Americanism, 1945-1953

Glenn J. Dorn
Anti-Americanism in Canada

Kim Richard Nossal
Anti-Americanism in Russia: From Stalin to Putin

Eric Shiraev and Vladislav Zubok
Anti-Americanism in French and European Public Opinion

Gerard Grunberg
Anti-Americanisms in France

Sophie Meunier

Julie E. Sweig
The Anti-American Century

Ivan Krastev
America in Asian Eyes

Warren I. Cohen and Nancy Bernkopf Tucker
Yongmi: Pragmatic anti-Americanism in South Korea

Yongshik Bong
Chinese attitudes toward the United States and Americans

Alastair Iain Johnston and Daniela Stockman

Wilfried Buchta
America, Israel and Anti-Americanism in the Middle East

John Chiddick
American Power and Anti-Americanism in the Middle East

Timothy Mitchell

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