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An Introduction to Criminal Justice

An Introduction to Criminal Justice

First Edition
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January 2017 | 504 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
A contemporary guide to the criminal justice process, the broad scope of this book means it will be a trusted companion throughout a Criminology and/or Criminal Justice degree.

The contents of An Introduction to Criminal Justice include:

  • 23 chapters spanning all that’s involved with, and fully contextualising, the criminal justice process: the agencies, institutions and processes and procedures that deal with victims, offenders and offending
  • A detailed timeline of criminal justice since 1945
  • Consideration of victims and witnesses, complaints and misconduct
  • A comprehensive review of policing, prosecution, the courts, imprisonment and community sanctions
  • A focus on community safety, crime prevention and youth justice
  • A review of the effectiveness of the criminal justice process
  • Exploration of global and international dimensions as well as the futures of criminal justice 
  • Lots of helpful extras including further reading suggestions, case studies, self-study questions and a glossary of terms.

The accompanying website to An Introduction to Criminal Justice has:

  • A podcast interview with a police officer
  • Practice essay questions
  • Multiple choice questions 
  • Suggested website resources to explore
  • Videos.
Pamela Davies, George Mair, Jamie Harding
1 Introduction
George Mair, Jamie Harding, Pamela Davies
Part One: The Criminal Justice Process in Context
George Mair
2 Criminal Justice Since 1945: a brief history
Ian Mahoney
3 Definitions and the Counting of Crime
Joanne Clough
4 Purposes of the Criminal Justice Process
Hannah Bows
5 Characteristics of Offenders
Colin Webster
6 Diversity and the Criminal Justice Process
Ian Marsh
7 Media Representations of Criminal Justice
Tim Newburn
8 Government, Governance and Criminal Justice
Mike Hough
9 Researching Criminal Justice
Jamie Harding, Pamela Davies, George Mair
Part Two: The Criminal Justice Process
Esther Van Ginneken
10 Community Safety and Crime Prevention
Matt Jones and Kelly Stockdale
11 Policing
Tanya Wyatt and Mary Laing
12 Policing as Part of a Multi-Agency Approach
Alison Howey
13 Prosecution and the Alternatives
Bankole Cole and Timi Osidipe
14 Criminal Courts
George Mair
15 Community Sentences
Charlotte Bilby
16 Imprisonment
Harriet Pierpoint
17 Parole and Release from Prison
Tim Bateman
18 Youth Justice
Jamie Harding
19 Dealing with Complaints and Misconduct
Ian Cook and Pamela Davies
20 Supporting Victims and Witnesses
Pamela Davies, George Mair, Jamie Harding
Part Three: Key Issues in Criminal Justice
Mike Rowe
21 Does the Criminal Justice Process Work?
Matthew Hall
22 Globalisation and International Criminal Justice
George Mair, Jamie Harding, Pamela Davies
23 Criminal Justice Futures

This is a splendid introduction to criminal justice in England and Wales, with substantial but accessible chapters written by many of the leading authors in their fields.  Never ducking important critical questions of injustice, power and inequality, the book takes seriously the wide range of issues and influences shaping the context of contemporary criminal justice while containing many extra features, including a website containing a diverse array of additional materials, to support students’ learning and really whet their appetites for further enquiry.

Peter Squires
University of Brighton

This is an excellent text for students studying introductory criminal justice modules. It provides a comprehensive and interesting set of chapters written by leading experts in the field. The coverage of the topic is diverse, well written and up to date. A very useful book as a reference guide and module resource.

Louise Westmarland
Open University

This introductory text for students is refreshing in its outlook, with a mixture of up and coming scholars as well as established authors as contributors, time-lines to show rapid developments over the past thirty years in particular, and a unique combination of critical reflections on legal, policy, practice and theoretical developments, with case studies, annotated reading suggestions, discussion points and exercises to guide readers. Key developments are described in their socio-political context, all of which adds to a book which is compelling in scope and persuasive in argument.

Loraine Gelsthorpe
University of Cambridge

To write an introduction to criminal justice which is coherent and accessible while recognising the complexity and sheer messiness of its subject-matter is a considerable challenge, to which the editors and contributors have risen admirably. The 23 chapters build up a rich picture of a diverse set of practices and their recent history and help the reader to situate current developments and controversies in a wider context.

Tony Ward
Northumbria University

The book offers a general overwiew of the CJS and so fits the needs of my introductory module perfectly. The content is easy to follow and offers opportunities for students to build knowledge and consolidate it.

Miss Anna Waistnage
Department of Criminology, York St John University
September 27, 2021

A well organised and engaging book - provides a sound introduction to the criminal justice system combining necessary basic knowledge and introduction to contested and complex ideas and evidence that underpin it.

Mr Adam Calverley
Criminology & Sociological Studies, Hull University
March 27, 2018

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