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An Introduction to Management Consultancy

An Introduction to Management Consultancy

Second Edition
  • Marc Baaij - Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
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January 2022 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Whether you are preparing for a management consultancy career or only want to acquire widely applicable consultancy skills, you will need a clear and concise introduction to this area. This fully updated second edition text provides you with a practical, step-by-step guide to learn the proven successful methods and techniques of the world's leading management consultancy firms. Detailed descriptions and real-life illustrations enable you to develop consultancy skills for structured problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. Additionally, this text provides rich insights into the latest developments in the consultancy industry and their firms. It includes alumnus of a top management consultancy firm and is essential reading for aspiring consultants as well as anyone dealing with consultants in their career.

Chapter 1: The Management Consultancy Phenomenon
Chapter 2: The Management Consultancy Industry
Chapter 3: The Management Consultancy Firm
Chapter 4: The Management Consultant
Chapter 5: Selling a Consultancy Project
Chapter 6: Identifying a Client's Real Problem
Chapter 7: Structuring the Real Problem
Chapter 8: Designing and Conducting Analyses
Chapter 9: Developing a Solution
Chapter 10: Structuring a Presentation
Chapter 11: Preparing for Implementation
Chapter 12: Facilitating an Implementation


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  • ‘This book is essential for those who want to be a successful management consultant: it offers an accessible and state-of the-art treasure trove of concepts, methods and tips for becoming a successful management consultant.’

    Muel Kaptein
    Professor in Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, and partner at KPMG

    ‘This book provides a thorough introduction to management consulting as a role, industry, workplace and practice. The detailed and insightful presentation of the management consultant's tool-box and problem-solving methods - from how do define the problem to designing the slides to present the recommendations - will be an invaluable resource for every aspiring management consultant.’

    Andreas Werr
    Professor of Management, Stockholm School of Economics

    ‘This book is an excellent introduction to management consulting for students at all levels as well as consultants and clients. It is highly accessible and comprehensive, covering the basics, but also advanced techniques and the latest developments. A real achievement.’

    Andrew Sturdy
    Professor of Management, School of Management, University of Bristol

    ‘I thought the first edition was fabulously comprehensive and resourceful for my graduate level course on management consulting. This new edition is even better! It is leaner, flows better, simplifies the cases, improves the graphics, and offers suggestions to the consulting neophyte while going beyond the superficial. I can’t wait to use the new edition once made available!’

    Paul Joyce
    Executive Director, Executive Leadership Institute, McColl School of Business, Queens University of Charlotte

    ‘Excellent resource for the professional, academic or entrepreneur starting a consulting practice. A must have resource to guide you in successful consulting practices and processes! Baaij provides a clear blueprint to effective consulting.’

    Jeffrey Moore
    Professor of Management, College of Business, Anderson University

    ‘This book will teach you the basis of consulting. Its wide scope ensures learning about the content side - the importance of structured problem analysis-, as well as learning about the process of consultancy - form selling projects to considering implementation. I will happily use this as a resource for my university students.’

    Jacomijn Klitsie
    Senior Lecturer, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

    ‘There are very few books specifically devoted to the field of Management Consulting that are able to capture the complexity of the industry in a way that learners can easily understand. Marc’s book achieves just that while addressing the major challenges the industry faces around ethics, professionalization and regulation. We are all on a lifetime learning journey, whether we are consultants or students and this book is an essential companion along the way.’

    Alan Price
    Management Consultant, Programme Director, Swansea University School of Management

    ‘This book is an excellent, complete and thoughtful overview of the ins and outs of Management Consultancy. Marc Baaij combined his practical experience and academic rigor to create a useful and engaging introduction to the consultancy business. A great guide that will help students navigate in the profession of giving advice.’

    Ard-Pieter de Man
    Professor of Consulting, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and boardroom consultant

    ‘Marc Baaij’s book provides an excellent introduction to management consultancy, not only for those of you who would like to work as a consultant, but also if you are a client or if you want to learn valuable problem-solving skills. The first chapters give a comprehensive overview of the business of management consultancy. Most of the chapters however break up the entire cycle of management consultancy and discuss useful methods for each step.’

    Aswin van Oijen
    Associate Professor of Strategy and Organization, Tilburg School of Economics and Management, Tilburg University

    ‘An excellent text for any student studying consultancy for the first time. The text provides an industry perspective to the sector to give students a 'real-world' understanding of the nature, breadth and depth of the industry. The case studies provide specific 'real-world' examples for students to help them contextualise learning and position the knowledge. Building from an outside-in perspective, the text draws the reader into the sector and builds their knowledge and critical understanding of the industry, its value, purpose and issues, along the way. If you are looking for a great primer on the subject to help build knowledge and understanding of the wider concepts and provide industry knowledge and practical examples, then this is place to start.’

    Paul Matthews
    Senior Lecturer in Strategy, The Gloucestershire Business School, University of Gloucestershire

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