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An Introduction to Mental Health

An Introduction to Mental Health

January 2019 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
An Introduction to Mental Health is essential reading for anyone learning the fundamentals of mental health. Written for an interdisciplinary audience with no prior knowledge of mental health practice, the book uses a patient-centred focus and covers the historical context of mental health through to contemporary issues, including mental health law, policy, professional practice, equality and diversity in the sector, and international perspectives. Key learning features include concept summaries, reflective points, case studies and reflective exercises to help situate content in the context of practice.
Chapter 1: A history of mental health
Chapter 2: Mental health law
Chapter 3: Mental health policy
Chapter 4: Mental health professionals
Chapter 5: Mental health diagnostics
Chapter 6: Interventions
Chapter 7: Ethical practice and decision making in mental health
Chapter 8: Equality and diversity in mental health practice
Chapter 9: Social influence on mental health
Chapter 10: International perspectives in mental health

This book addresses contemporary studies in mental health coherently. Issues in mental heath, of which students beginning their studies, need to be aware are addressed in some detail, and presented clearly. The approach is broad, which is helpful in an introduction to the subject.

Dr mary Glover
Department of Psychology and Counselling, Newman University
May 7, 2019

This book provides a good introduction to a number of issues covered in our Clinical Specialties module, it is a great starting point using alongside more detailed resources. It also offers the patient impact which is good to see.

Mrs Kate Straughton
Inst of Health & Society, Worcester University
July 18, 2019

An essential read for any mental health course and therapeutic training. This book covers a wonderful range of concepts whilst proving students with the necessary opportunities to think about their practice. It is a well presented and c comprehensive textbook.

Dr Helen Nicholas
Institute of Health & Society, Worcester University
February 15, 2019

Another comprehensive mental health text aimed at a wide readership of both students, educators and MH practitioners. Well-structured incremental chapters with clear learning objectives, supported by a good selection of case studies, reflective exercises, figures and tables which further engage the reader. I particularly enjoyed chapter 4 re SU voices, chapter 5 an excellent chapter re clinical diagnosis plus chapter 7 ethical practices. I've since added this new text to my Mental Health & Social Work (2nd-year BASW module) recommended reading list.

Mr David Gaylard
Department of Social Work, Chichester University
September 28, 2019

Sample Materials & Chapters

An Introduction to Mental Health - Chapter 1