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An Introduction to R for Spatial Analysis and Mapping

An Introduction to R for Spatial Analysis and Mapping

Second Edition
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December 2018 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This is a new edition of the accessible and student-friendly 'how to' for anyone using R for the first time, for use in spatial statistical analysis, geocomputation and digital mapping. The authors, once again, take readers from ‘zero to hero’, updating the now standard text to further enable practical R applications in GIS, spatial analyses, spatial statistics, web-scraping and more.

Revised and updated, each chapter includes:

  • example data and commands to explore hands-on;
  • scripts and coding to exemplify specific functionality;
  • self-contained exercises for students to work through;
  • embedded code within the descriptive text.


The new edition includes detailed discussion of new and emerging packages within R like sf, ggplot, tmap, making it the go to introduction for all researchers collecting and using data with location attached. This is the introduction to the use of R for spatial statistical analysis, geocomputation, and GIS for all researchers - regardless of discipline - collecting and using data with location attached.





Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Data and Plots
Chapter 3 Handling Spatial Data
Chapter 4 Programming in R
Chapter 5 Using R as a GIS
Chapter 6 Point Pattern Analysis
Chapter 7 Spatial Attribute Analysis
Chapter 8 Localised Spatial Analysis
Chapter 9 R and Internet Data
Chapter 10 Epilogue

Having already used R for text, audio and image analysis in my course on R, I was very interested in the book by Brunsdon et al. They explain spatial analysis and mapping with the help of R in an extremely understandable way. This leads to an excellent dynamic in the seminar, which also gives me great pleasure as a lecturer. Therefore I recommend this book for seminars with advanced students in R.

Mr Wolfgang Kotowski
Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University
February 10, 2019

This is an excellent resource and a very good textbook for learning to do spatial analyses in R.

Dr Thees Spreckelsen
Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford
January 24, 2019