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Ancient and Medieval World

Ancient and Medieval World
From Evolution of Humans to the Crisis of Feudalism

First Edition
  • Rakesh Kumar - Faculty, Department of History, Ram Lal Anand College (University of Delhi), New Delhi
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February 2018 | 460 pages | SAGE Texts

A student-friendly textbook covering the fundamentals of social formations and cultural patterns of the ancient and medieval world.

Ancient and Medieval World
provides an accessible overview of the period ranging from the evolution of human beings to the end of the Middle Ages in Europe.

The book intricately weaves in the research findings of the last decade, which brought about new dimensions on social, economic, political, religious and several other themes of the ancient and medieval world. It presents a comprehensive and well-balanced assessment of the various developments, discoveries and debates in human history that paved the way for the modern world. The use of various maps, images, tables and other robust pedagogical features will motivate readers to read more and help them to connect better with the topic. This book is an ideal companion for students of history, UGC NET and UPSC aspirants as well as general readers.

Key Features:

• Closely integrates recent research and studies on the subject that have appeared over the last decade.

• Introduction of topics and themes such as Nomadic Groups in Central and West Asia and Religion and Culture in Medieval Europe along with new sub-themes.

• Provides maps, images, keywords, review questions and extensive bibliography for clearer understanding of themes and issues.

• Extensive summary at the end of each chapter to help the reader recapitulate better.
Evolution of Humans; Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Cultures
Beginnings of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
Bronze Age Civilisations-I: (Mesopotamia and Egypt)
Bronze Age Civilisations-II: (Shang and Minoan)
Nomadic Groups in Central and West Asia: Advent of Iron and its Implications
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome-I: Rome under Republic, Principate and Empire
Ancient Rome- II: Religion and Culture in Ancient Rome and the Crisis and Decline of the Roman Empire
Feudal Polity, Society and Economy in Europe: 8th-14th Century
Religion and Culture in Medieval Europe
Islamic Societies in West Asia

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