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Animal Behaviour

Animal Behaviour

Four Volume Set
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October 2009 | 1 712 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The study of animal behaviour is a dynamic and vibrant field in contemporary psychology schools which has seen rapid growth and diversification throughout the last century. It forms a major area of study and research not only in cognitive, experimental and behavioural psychology, but also in neurobiology, evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology. In this timely and comprehensive four-volume collection, two internationally renowned scholars bring together every seminal paper of the last century, from the canonical to the critical and contemporary.

Conceptually arranged to address the four formative questions posed by Niko Tinbergen in 1963, Volume One addresses causation and the mechanisms of animal behaviour; Volume Two presents the foremost research in the development of animal behaviour; Volume Three covers behavioural ecology and the function of animal behaviour, and Volume Four addresses research that attempts to reconstruct the evolutionary history of behaviour.

Volume 1: Causation: The Mechanisms of Animal Behaviour
introduction: Causation and Development of Behaviour Johan Bolhuis and Luc-Alain Giraldeau
On Aims and Methods of Ethnology Nico Tinbergen
Models of Motivation
The Comparative Method in Studying innate Behaviour Patterns Konrad Lorenz
The Hierarchical Organization of Nervous Mechanisms Underlying instinctive Behaviour Nico Tinbergen
The Functional Organization of Behaviour Gerard P. Baerends
Homeostasis and Behavior Jerry A. Hogan
Energy Models of Motivation Robert Hinde
Energy Models of Motivation: A reconsideration Jerry A. Hogan
Biological Rhythms
Temporal Orientation: Circadian clocks in animals and humans Jurgen Aschoff
A Functional Analysis of Circadian Pacemakers in Nocturnal Rodents: Iv. Entrainment: pacemaker as clock Colin Pittendrigh and Serge Daan
integration of Human Sleep-Wake Regulation and Circadian Rhythmicity Derk-Jan Dijk and Stephen Lockley
Hormones, Brain and Cognition
Interaction Between internal and External Environments in the Regulation of the Reproductive Cycle of the Ring Dove Daniel Lehrman
The Activation of Sexual Behaviour By Hypothalamic Implants of Estrogen G.W. Harris and R.P. Michael
Relations Between the Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Organs Erich Von Holst
What the Frog's Eye Tells the Frog's Brain J.Y. Lettvin, H.R. Maturana, W.S. Mcculloch and W.H. Pitts
Neural Correlates of Key Stimulus and Releasing Mechanism Jörg-Peter Ewert
Spontaneous Metatool Use By New Caledonian Crows Alex Taylor, Gavin Hunt, Jennifer Holzhaider and Russell Gray
Volume 2: Development of Animal Behaviour
The Nature/Nurture Debate
A Critique of Konrad Lorenz' Theory of Instinctive Behavior Daniel Lehrman
Heredity and Environment in Mammalian Behaviour D.O. Hebb
Evolution and Modification of Behavior (Excerpt) Konrad Lorenz
Semantic and Conceptual Issues in the Nature-Nurture Problem Daniel Lehrman
Sensitive Periods, Imprinting and Birdsong Learning
Developmental Changes in Sensitivity to Experience Patrick Bateson and Robert Hinde
Development of Species Identification in Ducklings: Vi. Specific embryonic experience required to maintain species-typical perception in Peking ducklings Gilbert Gottlieb
The Companion in the Bird's World Konrad Lorenz
Imprinting, Learning, and Development: From behaviour to brain and back Johan Bolhuis and Robert Honey
The Role of Auditory Feedback in the Control of Vocalization in the White-Crowned Sparrow M. Konishi
Development of Motor Patterns
Ontogeny of Action Syntax in Altricial and Precocial Rodents: Grooming sequences of rat and guinea pig pups Matthew Colonnese, Elizabeth Stallman and Kent Berridge
Suckling Isn't Feeding, Or Is It? William Hall and Christina Williams
Ontogeny of Social Behaviour in Burmese Red Junglefowl (Gallus Gallus Spadiceus) (Excerpt) Jaap Kruijt
Development of the Brain and Social Behaviour
Cortical Mechanisms of Cognitive Development Mark Johnson
Structure and Development of Behavior Systems Jerry A. Hogan
Social Deprivation in Monkeys Harry Harlow and Margaret Harlow
Mother-infant Separation and the Nature of inter-individual Relationships: Experiments with Rhesus monkeys Robert Hinde
Learning As A Biological Phenomenon T.J. Roper
Volume 3: the Function of Behaviour
Introduction: Function and evolution of behaviour Luc-Alain Giraldeau and Johan Bolhuis
About Function
The Spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian Paradigm: A critique of the adaptationist programme Stephen Jay Gould and Richard C. Lewontin
Introduction to Adaptation and Natural Selection: A critique of some current evolutionary thought George C. Williams
The Cost-Benefit Approach
Egg Shell Removal By the Black-Headed Gull Larus Ridibundus, L; A Behaviour Component of Camouflage N. Tinbergen, G.J. Broekhuysen, F. Feekes, J.C.W. Houghton, H. Kruuk H. and E. Szulc
On Optimal use of a Patchy Environment Robert Macarthur and Eric Pianka
Optimal Foraging: The marginal value theorem Eric Charnov
Optimal Prey Selection in the Great Tit Parus Major J.R. Krebs, J.T. Erichson, M.I. Webber and E.L. Charnov
Behavioral Decisions Made Under the Risk of Predation: A review and prospectus Steven Lima and Lawrence Dill
Strategies of Female Mate Choice: A theoretical analysis Anthony Janetos
Game theory and the Evolution of Behaviour John Maynard Smith
Territorial Defence in the Great Tit, Parus Major: Do residents always win? John Krebs
Good Strategy or Evolutionarily Stable Strategy? Richard Dawkins
On Territorial Behaviour and Other Factors influencing Habitat Distribution in Birds Stephen Fretwell and Henry Lucas
An Evolutionarily Stable Feeding Strategy in Sticklebacks Manfred Milinski
Altruism and Related Phenomena, Mainly in Social Insects William Hamilton
The Evolution of Cooperative Breeding in Birds Stephen Emlen
The Importance of Certain Assemblages of Birds As "information-Centers" for Food Finding P. Ward and A. Zahavi
Homicide and Kinship Martin Daly and Margo Wilson
Mating and Reproductive Behaviour
Sexual Selection and the Evolution of Song William Searcy and Malte andersson
Mate Selection -A Selection for a Handicap Amotz Zahavi
Influence of Colour-Banding On the Conspecific Preferences of Zebra Finches Nancy Burley, Gail Krantzberg and Peter Radman
Heritable True Fitness and Bright Birds: A role of parasites W.D. Hamilton and M. Zuk
Volume 4: the Evolution of Behaviour
About Comparative Studies
Phylogenetic Analysis and Comparative Data: A test and review of evidence R.P Freckleton, P.H. Harvey and M. Pagel
The Social Organisation of Antelope in Relation To their Ecology P.J. Jarman
Evolution and Behaviour
Birds, Behaviour and Anatomical Evolution Jeff Wyles, Joseph Kunkel and Allan Wilson
Brains, Innovation and Evolution in Birds and Primates Louis Lefebvre, Simon Reader and Daniel Sol
Signals, Signal Conditions, and the Direction of Evolution John Endler
Public information: From nosy neighbors to cultural evolution Étienne Danchin, Luc-Alain Giraldeau, Thomas Valone and Richard Wagner
The Evolution of Social Behavior Richard Alexander
Do Animals Really Recognize Kin? Alan Grafen
The Evolution of Reciprocal Altruism Robert Trivers
The Evolution of Cooperation Robert Axelrod and William Hamilton
Parent-offspring Conflict Robert Trivers
Nepotism and the Evolution of Alarm Calls Paul Sherman
Sexual Selection
Phylogenetic Evidence For the Role of Pre-Existing Bias in Sexual Selection Alexandra Basolo
Parental Investment and Sexual Selection Robert Trivers
Ecology, Sexual Selection and the Evolution of Mating Systems Stephen Emlen and Lewis Oring
Sexual Selection and Signal Evolution: The ghost of biases past Michael Ryan and A. Stanley Rand

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