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Applied Psychology for Social Work

Applied Psychology for Social Work

Second Edition

April 2010 | 144 pages | Learning Matters
Psychology is an important part of the social work syllabus, usually studied as a separate module in the first year, but also integrated within the academic curriculum. This fully updated edition will help students understand the concepts of psychology and apply them to their own practice. It shows that, for social workers, it is important for psychology to be studied in the contexts of social care, as it offers potential explanations of complex aspects of human behaviour and development.

An overview of the key psychological approaches is given and the author demonstrates how these can be applied to social work practice.

Introducing social workers to psychology
Psychology and communication
Attitudes and beliefs
Psychology and mental illness
Child psychology
Psychology and old age
Answers to self-assessment questions

'Excellent application of psychology to social work and will be recommending as a key text for the next academic year' (Lecturer, University of Wales, Newport)

Easy to navigate. I recommended this position to learners to support them with assignments. Good explanation supported with examples and small tasks. Will use it for my reading list next year.

Mrs Sylwia Anna Kersley
Education, Weymouth College
June 6, 2023

A very simple text that addresses some important content areas in applied psychology.

Miss Monica Miller
Sociology/Social Work Unit, University of Guyana
October 14, 2014

I am no longer teaching the course I ordered this book for, but I think the book is wonderful and I intend to use it as a reference with my other social work courses.

Ms Shaneika Bailey
Sociology, University of Guyana
October 23, 2012

It was not particularyl relevant to module, but it was a useful read to inform my teaching.

Mrs Kerry Fidler
School of Social Work, University of Leicester
January 19, 2012