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Applying Social Psychology

Applying Social Psychology
From Problems to Solutions

Third Edition

March 2021 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Now in its Third Edition, Applying Social Psychology offers a step-by-step guide to applied psychology.

The PATHS model presents a unique way of applying theoretical social psychology to a range of real-world problems, helping students develop their own social psychological interventions. This model has recently been updated with the edition of ‘S’ for success, to help students evaluate how successful their interventions have been.

Using interesting case studies and useful exercises, Applying Social Psychology is an invaluable tool in learning how to develop and carry out psychological interventions.

Chapter1: Applying Social Psychology
Chapter 2: The Problem Phase: From a Problem to a Problem Definition
Chapter 3: The Analysis Phase: Finding Theory-Based Explanations for Problem
Chapter 4: The Test Phase: Developing and Testing the Process Model
Chapter 5: The Help Phase: Developing the Intervention
Chapter 6: The Success Phase: Evaluating the Intervention
Chapter 7: Conclusion: Looking Backward and Forward

·       Introduce more material on evaluating interventions within the implementation section.

·       Update the cases/examples (where appropriate) to ensure they remain relevant or engaging for the student audience.

·       Include more examples of real-life interventions where the PATH model has been applied and that potentially look at a broader range of social problems (to be hosted online like Green & Tones
Update to reflect the replication crisis.

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