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Assessing English Language Learners (Multimedia Kit)

Assessing English Language Learners (Multimedia Kit)
A Multimedia Kit for Professional Development

January 2009 | 96 pages | Corwin
This all-in-one solution provides facilitators with the resources they need for effective staff development in assessment of English Language Learners. The accompanying DVD features acclaimed educator and consultant, Margo Gottlieb, who guides teachers through the complex landscape of ELL assessment within the larger context of current-day educational assessment.

The multimedia package also includes Gottlieb's groundbreaking book, Assessing English Language Learners: Bridges from Language Proficiency to Academic Achievement, and a facilitator's guide to link the content of Gottlieb's book with the video/DVD segments.

About the Author
How to Use the Guide

How to Use the Video/DVD

How to Use the PowerPoint Slides

Additional Resources for Facilitators

Chapter-by-Chapter Study Guide: Facilitator's Guide to Assessing English Language Learners: Bridges From Language Proficiency to Academic Achievement
1. Assessment of English Language Learners: The Bridge to Educational Equity

2. Standards and Assessment: The Bridge From Language Proficiency to Academic Achievement

3. Assessing Oral Language and Literacy Development: The Bridge From Social Language Proficiency to Academic Language Proficiency

4. Assessing Academic Language Proficiency and Academic Achievement: The Bridge to Accountability

5. Classroom Assessment: The Bridge to Educational Parity

6. Documenting Performance Assessment: The Bridge From Teachers to Classrooms

7. Supports for Student, Classroom, and Large-Scale Assessment: The Bridge to Student Understanding

8. Standardized Testing and Reporting: The Bridge to Fair and Valid Assessment

9: Grading Systems: The Bridge to the Future

Sample Workshop Agendas
Agenda: Half-Day workshop Plan

Agenda: One-Day Workshop Plan

Chapter-by-Chapter Activity Sheets
Workshop Evaluation Form

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