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Assessment and Case Formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Assessment and Case Formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Second Edition
Edited by:

November 2015 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Offering a unique philosophical, theoretical and process-focused introduction to one of the cornerstones of CBT: assessment and case formulation.

Updated and expanded to take account of the vast developments in the field of CBT since its first publication, this second edition follows a clear two part structure:

 - Part One introduces trainees to the key theory, practice and processes of assessment and case formulation

 - Part Two provides practical illustrations of the theory through 12 extended case studies, considering both ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ presenting issues. Each of these chapters follows a set structure to enable easy comparison.


Offering all they need to know about this crucial part of their training, this is essential reading for trainees on any CBT course. 



Part 1 - Enhancing Effectiveness in CBT Assessment and Case Formulation
Michael Townend, Sarah Corrie and Adrian Cockx
Introduction and Orientation to the Current Status of CBT
Michael Townend, Sarah Corrie, Adrian Cockx and Alec Grant
Assessment in CBT
Adrian Cockx, Sarah Corrie and Michael Townend
Process and Relational Factors in CBT Assessment and Case Formulation
Sarah Corrie, Michael Townend and Adrian Cockx
The Fundamentals of CBT Case Formulation
Michael Townend, Sarah Corrie and Adrian Cockx
Generic, Disorder-Specific, Transdiagnostic and Multi-Level Approaches
Part 2 - Case Studies
Rita Santos
Anna: A Case Study of Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia
Rita Woo
Farid: A Case Study of Depression using Traditional, Beckian CBT
Katy Bradbury
Mohammad: A Case Study of Depression using Behavioural Activation
Michael Townend
Wendy: A Case Study of Health Anxiety
Teresa Palmieri and Adrian Cockx
Sally: A Case Study of Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Kate Daley and Adrian Cockx
Vicky: A Case Study of Social Anxiety
Blake Stobie and Simon Darnley
Gail: A Case Study of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Kerry Young and Nick Grey
Michael: A Case Study of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Helen Macdonald and Dzintra Stalmeisters
Greg: A Case Study of Chronic Pain
Michael Townend and Kate Davidson
Sophie: A Case Study of Borderline Personality Disorder
Sandra Bucci and Gillian Haddock
Janine: A Case Study of Psychosis
Part 3 - Concluding Reflections and Future Directions
Sarah Corrie, Michael Townend and Adrian Cockx
Looking to the Future: CBT Assessment and Case Formulation in a Changing Professional World

This book offers clear but comprehensive explanations and guidance of the assessment process and the essential components of case conceptualizations. It provides useful and easy to follow case formulations, illustrated with realistic case studies. A very useful book for all CBT therapist and a must have for all CBT trainees.

Mrs Ana Paula Wellbrook
Counselling and Psychology, City Lit
January 14, 2020

Very relevant to practitioner training. Good resource for guiding decision making around formulation of client problems.

Mrs Lowri Dowthwaite
School of Community Health and Midwifery, University of Central Lancashire
January 7, 2020

One I have used extensively when researching for our CBT course. Accessible and informative, giving examples which help illustrate the points raised, Essential.

Ms Kate Fronda
Counselling, Community Counsellor Training
August 3, 2016

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