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Adrianne D. Kunkel The University of Kansas, USA

Adrianne Kunkel (PhD, Purdue University) is an associate professor at the University of Kansas. Her research program focuses on personal relationships, sex/gender similarities and differences, and domestic violence intervention. She has received grants to study how people cope with distressing events through narrative, how participation in support groups affects breast cancer survivors, and how domestic violence survivors and their advocates pursue freedom from abuse. She has published over 40 book chapters and articles in outlets such as Human Communication Research, Communication Monographs, Journal of Applied Communication Research, and the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. She teaches courses in interpersonal communication, gender, research methods, and social support. She has also received numerous teaching awards, some of which include the Silver Anniversary Award for Excellence in Teaching and the John C. Wright Mentor Award at the University of Kansas. She has also been awarded the Central States Communication Association’s Outstanding New Teacher Award.