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Yagnik, Arpan

Arpan Yagnik Assistant Professor, Advertising, Penn State University, USA

Dr Arpan Yagnik Arpan feels that the notion of life being handed down to us, ironically, is getting narrower and constricted. We define ourselves, others, cultures, and experiences in small boxes that are bleak and despondent. Arpan urges his readers to explore their world and existence with the magnitude and intensity necessary to reach a certain phenomenon, reaction, or result by attaining a philosophy he calls as ‘simple living and high thinking’.

He is a much sought-after speaker who delivers—and also designs—life-changing techniques, challenges the human mind, and accelerates personal and professional growth. His TEDx talk on ‘Creative Aerobics’ in 2016 was well received and his other speaking engagements were at AAUW Equity & Convention Day in Columbus, OH; TEDxSalon event in Ahmedabad, India; and Sant'Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy.

A native of Ahmedabad, India, Arpan completed his PhD in Media and Communication from Bowling Green State University. He has an unparalleled love for teaching and is Assistant Professor of Advertising at Penn State University in Erie. Along with teaching and research, Arpan has set in motion a plan to establish a Center for Creativity Enhancement to advance the role of creativity in societal development and well-being.