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McCarthy, Bernice

Bernice McCarthy About Learning, Inc., Wauconda, IL

Bernice McCarthy is the creator of the 4MAT® method of instruction and the founder of About Learning, a training, publishing, and consulting firm that specializes in instructional design and development. Dr. McCarthy’s 4MAT approach identifies the diversity of learners and connects them, no matter their level, to any type of material, emphasizing real-world applications as an essential component of in-depth understanding. This concept-based approach to curriculum and instructional planning promotes high-quality teaching and learning. Most educators consider Bernice McCarthy's work to be a key contribution to the development of the learning styles movement and the differentiated classroom. She has presented numerous workshops and keynote sessions on effective learning at hundreds of renowned organizations worldwide, including the U.S. Pentagon, Chicago Public Schools system, Cornell University, the Education Department of the Government of Venezuela, and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.