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Chad Edwards Western Michigan University, USA

Chad Edwards (PhD, University of Kansas) is an associate professor of communication in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University. Previously, he was a Hartel Fellow at Marietta College. Chad’s research interests include communication in the teacher-student relationship, human-robot interaction, and transformative communication practices. Recent publications include articles in Communication Education, Communication Research Reports, Basic Communication Course Annual, Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, and other communication and education studies journals. He serves on numerous editorial boards including that of Communication Education. He has held offices at both national and regional communication conferences and is currently the first vice president of the Central States Communication Association. In 2009, Chad received the Distinguished Teaching Award from Western Michigan University (the highest teaching award given by WMU). He also has been awarded teaching awards from the College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University, the University of Kansas, and Texas Tech University. Additionally, Chad has received several top paper awards for his research.