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Ching-shen Lin New York, NY, USA

Dr. Lin is a former Associate Professor of Pathology at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine and a former Director of Autopsy Services at the Mount Sinai Medical Center at NYC from 1989 to 1999. Publications can be found in the websites of Yahoo and Google under Ching-Shen Lin, and Baidu in Chinese.

Publications: Calcification of the mitral annulus fibrosus with systemic calcareous embolization in Arch Pathol and Lab Med 1987;111:411, Morphodynamic interpretation of acute coronary thrombosis with special reference to volcano-like eruption of plaque caused by coronary artery spasm in Aniology 1988;39:535, Morphodynamic study of constriction of umbilical blood vessels and its application to coronary artery disease in Internatl J Angiology 1996:5:119, Comparative morphodynamic studies of constriction of smooth muscle cells of hollow viscera and its application to vasoconstrictoion and vasospasm in Angiology 1998;49;503. In preparation: Preeclampsia: A hypertensive and atherosclerotic microvascular disease.