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Cory Blad Manhattan College, USA

Cory Blad is Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology at Manhattan College. His research examines the intersection of political economic structures and political legitimation in advanced capitalist societies. His work primarily examines the role of non-economic legitimation strategies - such as nationalism - within the context of neoliberal capitalist societies. Most recently he is critically examining the context of post-crisis neoliberalism and engaging concepts related to postneoliberalism, authoritarianism, and national cultural symbols.

Ryan Waters and Cory Blad. “In the Land of Whose People? Inequality, Neoliberalism, and Shifting Nationalisms in Israel.” Journal of Globalization Studies 2016 7(2): 118-136.

Cory Blad, Samuel Oloruntoba, and Jon Shefner. "Course Corrections and Failed Rationales: How Comparative Advantage and Debt are Used to Legitimate Austerity in Africa and Latin America." Third World Quarterly 2016 38(4): 822-843.

Cory Blad Ph.D. (2006) in Sociology, University of Tennessee, is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Manhattan College. His research focuses on the nexus of neoliberalism and cultural politics with particular emphasis on the role of state institutions.