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Daved Barry University Nova, Lisbon

Daved Barry is Professor of Creative Organization Studies in the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at the Copenhagen Business School, and Adjunct Professor at Nova SBE (Universidade Nova de Lisboa School of Business and Economics). Earlier he studied painting, chemistry, music, and cooking, eventually going on to complete a BA (hons) in Psychology and a PhD in Strategic Management and Organizational Psychology at the University of Maryland. In 1986 he moved to Syracuse University, NY, where he taught strategic management, and then to New Zealand where he held the Victoria University Chair in Creative Organization Studies. From there he assumed the Banco BPI Chair in Creative Organization Studies in Lisbon, and eventually moved to CBS in 2010. His work focuses on how design and the arts can improve organizing, problem solving, innovation, managing, and leadership. Some of his accomplishments include the co-founding of AACORN (Arts, Aesthetics, Creativity, and Organization Research Network), and LAICS (, a graduate program in innovation and leadership. In 2007 he was awarded the Career Achievement Award for Innovative Scholarship, from the Imagination Lab Foundation and the European Academy of Management, and in 2008 published The Sage Handbook of New Approaches to Management and Organization, a compendium of contemporary management thinking.