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Dolores Figueroa Romero Center of Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology and Ethnology (CIESAS), Mexico

Dr. Dolores Figueroa Romero is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Center of Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology and Ethnology (CIESAS) in Mexico City, and Associate Fellow of the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC) at York University, Toronto, Canada. She received a PhD in Sociology from York University in 2011. She is a young scholar with extensive involvement in academia, activism and policy advocacy in the fields of politics, gender, and ethnicity in Latin America. Dolores’s research work focuses on the intersections of transnational feminism, Indigenous women’s identity politics and the interplay of human rights’ discourses at the local and global level. She is currently developing a research project that explores the relationship between Indigenous women’s transnational activism and the proliferation of learning initiatives for building leadership capacities for community-based women. She has taught both at undergraduate and graduate levels and has experience with e-learning programmes. This experience includes teaching appointments in the graduate programme of Social Anthropology of CIESAS, Mexico; in the Global Leadership School of Indigenous Women sponsored by the International Indigenous Women’s Forum (IIWF), and in the Sociology Department at the University of the Autonomous Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua (URACCAN) in Bluefields, Nicaragua.

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