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Emma L. Murray

Emma L. Murray, BA, HDip, DBS IT, completed a bachelor of arts degree in English and Spanish at

University College Dublin (UCD) in County Dublin, Ireland, followed by a higher diploma (HDip)

in business studies and information technology at the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business in

County Dublin, Ireland. Following her studies, Emma spent nearly a decade in investment banking

before becoming a full-time writer and author.

Emma has worked on numerous texts, including business and economics, self-help, and psychology.

She is the coauthor of the principles of management textbook, Management: A Balanced Approach

to the 21st Century (1st ed., 2013, Wiley; 2nd ed., 2017, Wiley; 3rd, ed., 2021, Sage); an introduction

to entrepreneurship textbook, Entrepreneurship (1st ed., 2017, Sage; 2nd ed., 2020, Sage); an introduction

to organizational behavior textbook, Organizational Behavior (1st ed., 2017, Sage; 2nd ed., [2019],

Sage; 3rd ed., 2024, Sage), and an introduction to business textbook, Introduction to Business (2024,

Sage). She lives in London, United Kingdom, with her husband and 2 children.