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Gene Erwin Hall University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

Gene E. Hall currently is a Professor of Urban Leadership at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has had a career-long involvement with the development of programs and national accreditation of teacher education. He began his career as the science methods instructor and faculty team member for the experimental Personalized Teacher Education Program (PTEP) at the national R&D Center for Teacher Education, The University of Texas at Austin. Subsequently he was a faculty member at the University of Florida and the University of Northern Colorado. He has twice been the dean of a college of education. He also has had career-long involvement with studies of the change process and development of tools and applications of the Concerns Based Adoption Model (CBAM). He is coauthor of Implementing Change: Patterns, Principles and Potholes (4th edition), and The Foundations of Education (16th edition).